Yurts News:  The traditional, nomadic, Mongolian dwellings are now entire neighborhoods in Inisfree.
Mongolian Yurts

Yurts is the term for the circular tents that the Mongols and adjacent peoples used for their homes.  Closely related to tipis, these structures are also like those of any traveling circus, and have sturdier versions called Gers which also have wood frames.  In Inisfree, there are a few entire neighborhoods of these Mongolian tents, though few of them are ever moved around nomadically.

Dimensions & Layout:
Yurts range in size from that of a normal, few-person tipi, to ones wide and tall enough to be an entire house.  Some yurts have enough floor-space for multiple full-sized rooms like you would find in any other kind of house, with a few yurts in these Inisfreean yurt-neighborhoods even including lofts and pseudo-attics.  Furniture is typically arranged radially in these dwellings, with the backs of couches and similar pieces oriented to the inside of the perimeter wall, and at least one stove is kept in the center of each yurt so that its vent pipe can easily rise straight up to and out of the central hole at the pinnacle.

Special Features:
Yurts can be collapsed down to neatly tied bundles of poles and other materials in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes, and it is even possible to fit an entire yurt and most of its contents, such as furniture, in the back of a single wagon or two.