Space Warfare R-CAXs News:  For now, all R-CAXs have been completed.
Space Warfare R-CAXs

Inspired by the Revised Combined-Arms Exercises (R-CAXs) of the various Outlands superpower militaries, Inisfree now conducts its own (and greatly upscaled) version of these fake-war events.  Some are conducted virtually; digitally within a subset of the Grid Mind, while others take place in the physical realm, often in the black void of Deep Space.
Space Warfare R-CAXs

​This webpage is for explaining why various engagements with the more noteworthy of the vessels (on our Comparison Chart(s) webpage) take as long as they do; why some battles take a few hours, while other battles take only seconds.

First Inisfreean Outer Space R-CAX Against a Star Wars Vessel:

Life-expectancy: under 30 seconds

The first test of Inisfree's capabilities was against the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer; a 17,484 meters long warship of the Galactic Empire of the Star Wars Galaxy. (This warship dwarfs a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the United States of America, which measures 333 meters from bow to stern.) The Super Star Destroyer was remote controlled by Inisfree's Grid Mind, ensuring that all of its weapons, fighters, tractor beams, and other assets were utilized with the efficiency and brilliance of a perfectly coordinated super computer. Simultaneously, the Grid Mind deployed Inisfree's forces based on the thought-commands of its Governor.

In the first battle, Inisfree triggered a singularity in the center of the Super Star Destroyer, creating a tiny black hole just powerful enough to collapse the entire warship in on itself, leaving nothing in its aftermath. The Super Star Destroyer was then rapidly sung back into existence, and this was repeated at the end of each of the following trials.

In the second battle, dozens of Inisfree's Rainbow Canons fired on the most heavily armored and shielded parts of the warship, each one monitoring how its chosen beam- and portal-based weapons were negotiating their targets and the paths leading up to them. 100% of them defeated the Super Star Destroyer's heaviest armor and energy-shielding in seconds, resulting in, respective to the various beam types, some of the ship disintegrating, some of the ship melting, some of the ship freezing as if struck by a fire-hose of liquid nitrogen, some of the ship becoming radioactive, some of the ship becoming solid, and a few entire wings becoming so awash with the energies leading to horniness that entire regiments of sailors and troops would have collapsed in waves of endless, overwhelming orgasms.

In the third battle, the once again reformed Super Star Destroyer was surrounded by regular Star Destroyers, as well as a mock asteroid belt's field, as well as hundreds of 'friendly' and 'neutral' Spaceships. This warship's entire complement of Imperial Twin Ion Engines (TIE) fighters, numbering in the thousands, was allowed to deploy and swarm their notional targets, attacking some of the 'friendly' dummy ships while using the other ones, along with the asteroid field, as cover and concealment. Again, Inisfree used its portals technology, executing thousands of simultaneous, pinpoint-accurate strikes on the components of each of these hostile ships which would result in either 1) their immediate mobility kills if too near friendly vessels, or 2) their explosions or collisions if near only neutral vessels and their fellow hostile vessels. Line of sight was not needed, and the entire fleet of ships was neutralized within several seconds.

In the fourth battle, the Super Star Destroyer was sucked through a man-made worm-hole resulting in it being disintegrated in-transit and filling up all of Inisfree's subterranean-hemisphere storage tanks with enough 'slush-matter' to power it through countless other major battles.

In the fifth battle, all of the minds and computers were remote hacked via portals, making their shielding and even the closed-circuit ones completely vulnerable, and resulting in all of the crew becoming paralyzed as their ship was hacker-hijacked, had its shields powered down, and steered into a series of catastrophic collisions with the asteroids.

* For reference, Inisfree is 40,233.6 meters in diameter; more than 2.3 times the length of the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer.
First Inisfreean R-CAX Against a Borg Vessel:

Life-expectancy: under 10 seconds

The second warship pitted against Inisfree was the Borg Cube; a much smaller Space vessel measuring 3,040 meters across any of its 12 main edges. As with the five tests of the Super Star Destroyer, the Inisfreean techniques defeated the Borg Cube with ease every time. A sixth test was then executed to confirm that Inisfree's various energy beams could cancel out all Borg energy beams, and then a seventh test confirmed that Inisfree's portals and other gravity manipulations could bend and otherwise change the trajectories of all Borg projectiles so that they instead hit the very devices which had fired them.

Ships Slightly Longer than Inisfree's Diameter, but Less in Mass than Inisfree:

Life-expectancy: under 90 seconds

Next, even larger Spaceships were put to the test, all of the following meeting similar fates, though these took around a full minute -compared to the several seconds it took to override and defeat the previously mentioned ships. Each of the following ships are much less in volume and mass than Inisfree, though some are nearly twice as long as Inisfree is in diameter.
  • Delphic Expanse Sphere; 19,000 meters diameter
  • Drakh Hordes Mothership; 59,690 meters long
  • Forerunners Fortress-class Vessel 'Deep Reverence'; 50,000 meters long
  • Q'tami Hegemony Heavy Cruiser; 30,000 meters long
  • V'Ger; 78,000 meters long
  • Vorlon Empire Planet Killer; 45,000 meters long
  • Whale Probe; 90,000 meters long
* For reference, Inisfree is 40,233.6 meters in diameter.


Inisfree is not only a city, but a starship; the entire resort community is capable of flight both through any planetary medium (atmosphere, ocean, and even the land and magma of a spinning core, thanks to cavitation, teleportation, phase-shifting, and warp-surfing; surfing via sequences of warps in the Space-time continuum) and Space (through Outer Space, Deep Space, stars (including magnetars, neutron stars, pulsars, quasars, and black-holes), Dark Matter, Anti-matter, Hyper-space, and the Web-way). Inisfree can literally fly aside, around, away from, toward, into, out from, and through just about anything.

Inisfree also boasts an impressive and generally unmatched tonnage (for any navigable ship), measuring in at 8,181.23 cubic miles in volume [V = a(4/3)πr^3; 4/3 x ~3.14 x 12.5^3], resulting in a tonnage of ~15,000,000,000,000,000. This can be estimated by the following: Metis, one of the smaller moons of Jupiter, has the same diameter; 25 miles, and a mass of ~90,000,000,000,000,000 kg (a.k.a. tonnes, a.k.a. metric tons). Inisfree's upper hemisphere is open-air, so half Metis's mass would be left. Also, the only mass between Inisfree's Perimeter Wall and Perimeter Orb's surface are the Sentry Towers, so take at least another 2/3 off Metis's remaining mass. However, Inisfree also contains its own dimensional pocket and solar system, so its total mass is arguably incalculable.
* For reference, Inisfree's volume in cubic kilometers is 34,100.86.

Additionally, Inisfree has sextillions of highly-trained troops on the level of Krypton's Superman, along with even more full-spectrum smart-canons and silenced artillery emplacements arranged in concentric perimeters on and around both sides of its Perimeter Wall. It can engage more targets than there are stars in the sky -simultaneously, automatically, and without overloading its computer systems. Within a matter of seconds, the entire Inisfreean star fleet (sextillions of troops along with warships the size of planets and even stars) can be deployed into any conceivable formation around or at any distance from Inisfree.

This wasn't enough to ensure its suspected immortality and invincibility, though, so the modern form of the 21st century's Revised Combined-Arms Exercise (R-CAX); full-scale 'rehearsal' wars, were arranged to put this belief to the most grueling tests. Inisfree put its portals, transmutation, and mass-flash-cloning technologies to work, creating several ships of the most legendary dimensions and capabilities from across the known Universe. These leviathans of warships were robotically sung into existence from surplus material from the Sun solar system's Oort Cloud, then 'anchored' just out beyond this hollow sphere of 540,000 orbiting planetoids and Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), awaiting Inisfree's intra-stellar flight arrival for assessment and engagement.

First Inisfreean R-CAX Against an Insect-Machine Hybrid Vessel:

Life-expectancy: under 10 seconds

The third match was with the 10,000 meters long Lexx, and Inisfree's beam weapons canceled out the Lexx's planet-destroying bursts, followed by another type of beam converting those bursts into Helpful ones; when they struck their intended targets, they healed rather than harmed.

Ships Smaller than Inisfree, such as Super Star Destroyers and Titans:

Life-expectancy: under 45 seconds

All of the following warships met similar fates:
  • Amarr Empire Avatar-class Titan; 13,774 meters long
  • Caldari State Leviathan-class Titan; 18,714 meters long
  • City-destroyer Invasion Mothership; 24,000 meters diameter
  • Covenant Assault Carrier; 5,346 meters long
  • Forerunners Keyship-class Dreadnought; 13,120 meters long
  • Galactic Empire Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer; 17,500 meters long
  • Galactic Empire Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer; 15,000 meters long
  • Gallente Federation Erebus-class Titan; 14,764 meters long
  • Imperium of Man Universe-class Mass Conveyor; 12,000 meters long
  • Minmatar Republic Ragnarok-class Titan; 18,127 meters long
  • Spacing Guild Heighliner-type Jumpship; 20,000 meters long
  • Tau Empire/Kroot Battlesphere; 9,000 meters long
  • Voth City Ship; 9,800 meters long
  • Wraith Hive Ship; 5,545 meters long
* For reference, Inisfree is 40,233.6 meters in diameter.

Ships Much More Massive than Inisfree, such as Death Stars:

Life-expectancy: under 10,800 seconds (3 hours)

Finally, the largest ships were allowed the most time to deploy their forces against those of Inisfree, and with 100% of Inisfreean personnel deployed into the combat zone of Deep Space surrounding their city, and swarms of enemy vessels so numerous that it took the Grid Mind to count and track them all, 0% of the firepower resulted in 'blue on blue'; friendly-fire accidents and casualties, and within a matter of hours (usually two or fewer, based on whether Inisfree was engaging 100% of the mothership's deployed fighters or merely triggering a black-hole in its core), each of the following ships (and all of its supporting forces) was neutralized:
  • Covenant MPS-class (Mobile Planetoid Station) 'High Charity' capital city; 464,000 meters tall (more than 11.53 times Inisfree's diameter), 348,000 meters wide (more than 8.64 times Inisfree's diameter)
  • Galactic Empire Death Star I; 160,000 meters diameter (more than 3.97 times the diamter of Inisfree, and 2,140,000,000,000,000 m^3; more than 62,755,015,562 times the volume of Inisfree)
  • Galactic Empire Death Star II; 900,000 meters diameter (more than 22.36 times the diamter of Inisfree, and 382,000,000,000,000,000 m^3; more than 11,202,063,525,670 times the volume of Inisfree)
Defeating Spaceships so much larger than Inisfree in so little time (a couple hours or fewer) is possible because:
  • Inisfree houses much larger Spaceships (such as the PSBS and SSBS, both of which dwarf the Death Star II) in its internal solar system.
  • Inisfree can mind-control any the above-listed Spaceships' crew members and computers (demonic-style possession, and hacking via technopathy).
  • Inisfree can trigger a black-hole inside any of the above-listed Spaceships and then just sit and watch as all of that ship's deployed forces are sucked in along with their mothership.
* For reference, Inisfree is 40,233.6 meters in diameter, its volume is 34,100.86 cubic meters; 34.10086 km^3, and unlike the Death Star, when Inisfree deploys its Life Star, its name is literal; the Inisfreean Life Star (SSBS) is actually the size of a Sun-sized star, dwarfing BY FAR any Death Star the Galactic Empire ever fielded.

Ships Too Small to Warrant Practice-Battling in an R-CAX:

Life-expectancy: under 5 seconds

All United Federation of Planets ships were considered too small, weak, and primitive to warrant combat testing against Inisfree, as they would be blinked out of existence in an instant via any number of Inisfreean techniques. For example, the Oceana-class U.S.S. Chamberlain is 2,400 meters long, the Invincible-class 'Fleet Carrier - Heavy Battleship' Hybrid is 1,650 meters long, and the Galaxy-class starships are 642.5 meters long. Even with an Invincible-class starship's full accompaniment of multiple fleets of combat oriented Star Fleet starships, usually totaling 67 (imagine 67 Enterprises!), this 68-starship task force and armada would still be considered negligible by Inisfreean standards, as 100% of them could be destroyed by a single Inisfreean-made black-hole, and as 100% of their tens of thousands of crewmen could be scanned, mind-surfed, and flash-cloned to Inisfreean standards within a matter of minutes.

Another technique Inisfreeans could employ against such a fleet is opening worm-holes just a fraction of a second after any of these ships begins to jump to warp speeds, opening the exits of the worm-holes directly toward the non-warping ships, tricking the fleet into warping some of its ships into and straight through the rest of its ships on line with one another. For example, if two ships jumped to warp, they could be redirected via Inisfreean worm-holes to be aimed on paths directly through however many other ships were in a linear formation, so if two ships jumped to warp, and the other ships were on line in groups of three, eight ships would be destroyed within a fraction of a second.

The Alteran (a.k.a. Ancients) Atlantis-class City Ship is another of the Spaceships considered too small, weak, and primitive to warrant combat testing against Inisfree. It's approximate dimensions are as follows:
  • 1,330 m from north to south (more than 30 times smaller than Inisfree's diameter)
  • 1,240 m from west to east
  • 680 m from top to bottom
  • 320 m from top to the surface of the ocean
* For reference, Inisfree is 40,233.6 meters in diameter.
Environmentally-friendly R-CAX Aftermath:

The debris of all of these fake trials is once again part of the Oort Cloud, leaving no change in its total mass; Inisfreeans like to leave no trace, which stems from their pseudo and pre-inception in the 20th century as the Supreme Environmentalist Dictatorship (SED). Inisfreeans do not limit their eco-friendly policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to just the surface of worlds inhabited by 'life as we know it'; Inisfreean nature-loving and caring for environments extends as far as the Inisfreeans and their fleet(s) travel.


Just like a much smaller martial artist can use technique, such as forms (combinations of strikes and other movements), to bring down much larger and numerous opponents, as has been proven since time immemorial by countless fighting masters, Inisfree can use its masteries to bring down much larger and numerous opponents.

For Spaceships that have no lifeforms on board which Inisfreeans consider to be sexually attractive, even if it is a Death Star II with more than 31,000,000 personnel, it is entirely possible that an Inisfreean worm-hole will just be used to pass over and around the ship, resulting in it appearing in the center of whichever star can handle the 'digestion' without destabilizing its solar system. Inisfreeans do not commit their resources, powers, and techniques in attempts to vastly alter, accelerate the evolution of, or somehow change the mentalities of such sizable groups of diametrically opposed individuals. If such a starship or other collection of individuals is clearly going to cause harm to any lifeforms considered by the Inisfreeans to be sexually attractive, the casual 'death by worm-hole into a star' fate will likely befall those would-be hostiles. If, however, such a starship is clearly inbound to cause harm to lifeforms NOT considered by the Inisfreeans to be sexually attractive, it is Inisfreean SOP in most cases to disregard the conflict and let the two forces battle it out on their own. It is not Inisfree's job to be a police force, nor an intervention force, for Inisfree is a resort community; a vacation get-away -that just happens to have its own military, star fleet, and advanced firepower.
Update: 2nd R-CAX Series:

Cylon Base-ships were the next to be forged and engaged in battle. Though Cylons are advanced computers, robotics, and cybotics (cyborgs), Inisfreeans outclassed them every time, having faster processing (thoughts) all the while. The total Cylon population would not even be 1% of the Inisfreean population (numbering in the sextillions), meaning that the total computing power of the Cylons would not be even .001% of the Inisfreeans (as Inisfreean brains (supercomputers) are superior individually, and much, much more so when in such great numbers, especially when coordinated by the gigantic Grid Mind; brain of their home-city).

Eldar Craft-worlds (planet-sized Spaceships) were also tested, and, even with brilliant utilization of the Webway, these world-sized vessels and their millions of Space-elves piloting and manning hundreds of thousands of warships... still only took a couple hours to completely neutralize.

Flood (of Halo) spores were created and sent on collision courses to notionally colonized worlds (as they would have no way of assimilating Inisfreeans or their constructs (Inisfreean ships, for example, think for themselves, and have the same brain (computer) shielding and other fail-safes and countermeasures that all Inisfreean minds do). The challenge in this R-CAX was to surgically turn the tide of a war in which Flood had already contaminated, infested, corrupted, and genetically altered significant portions of the civilizations of the vulnerable Outlands worlds. Since Flood spread more quickly than Xenomorphs, this is considered to be the only true test of Inisfreean might, as Inisfreeans are repulsed by all things ugly to the point of retreating into long periods of hibernation (sometimes for decades or longer), and such levels of ugliness as are standard for all Flood operations tend to provoke Inisfreeans to utilize their star-destabilizing weaponry, such as black-hole bombs. One of the only successful options (if the Inisfreeans decide they cannot stand how ugly their enemy force is, and wish not to record experiences dealing with such sheer ugliness) is to time-travel to alter the time-stream; to determine when the Flood can be stopped before they turn an entire civilization or world to (its maximum level of) ugliness -and this is something Inisfreeans hate to do almost as much as they hate seeing anything that is ugly. Thus the Flood, whenever they manage to 'uglify' a world or empire of beings previously sexually compatible with the Inisfreeans... before the Inisfreeans notice and have time to intervene... are considered an even greater potential threat than the Q Continuum. It is for this reason that Inisfree's deployed forces maintain a strict vigil non-invasively mind-surfing all potentially vulnerable societies so that at the first hint of a Flood (or Flood-like) threat (long before a Flood or Flood-like invasion) it is rapidly annihilated by Inisfree's superior technologies. Inisfreean external security concerns (the galactic and megaversal equivalents of international and intercontinental foreign policy), unsurprisingly, remain focused more on suspected Flood sightings than on the Ebola epidemic or Xian pandemic.

Formics (from Ender's Game) were created en masse to test their Ansible and swarm aspects against the Ansible and swarm aspects of the Inisfreeans. Though they proved formidable even against Reaper swarms in numerous trials, they stood no chance against Inisfreean black-hole weaponry. Formics also had no way of countering the Inisfreean mind-overriding abilities, which gave the Grid Mind control over entire Formic swarms within minutes. Also, even if the Formics had mind-overriding abilities of their own, Inisfreean minds are so heavily shielded and encrypted that attempts at bypassing these innate defense mechanisms would have proven futile.

Humans: The Terran Battlecruisers (of StarCraft) are considered too small, weak, and primitive to warrant combat testing against Inisfree, as they would be blinked out of existence in an instant via any number of Inisfreean techniques, and the Titans (of EVE Online) are not created until after 2730. Though several kilometers long in some cases, Titans are still easily swatted away by Inisfree or any of the Inisfreean Warships. The only remaining contenders for the humans, then, are the Warhammer battleships which can be nearly 2km wide and 4km deep ('long') (as is the case with the Apocalypse-class and Retribution-class battleships). There is also the Phalanx mobile fortress-monastery (of Warhammer) which was vaguely described thusly: "[the] size of a small moon or large asteroid, its foredeck can dock a dozen Imperial Navy Cruisers around its circumference". In Battlemech, Battletech, Battlespace, and Mechwarrior, the largest DropShip is the Behemoth; H: 275m, W: 200m, D: 200m, and then there is the Bastion System Defense Station (SDS); a sphere with a 345m diameter. There are also JumpShips which can be nearly 1.5km long, but these are still considered too small, weak, and primitive to warrant combat testing against Inisfree, as they would be blinked out of existence in an instant via any number of Inisfreean techniques. For example, the Monolith (the largest JumpShip) is only 750m long and 380,000 tons. Even the WarShips are typically no more than 1,700m long; also negligible compared to Inisfreean might.

Reapers were nearly successful in systematically exterminating all advanced civilizations across the Milky Way Galaxy for the hundred-thousandth time (or more) in a row (the actual number of galactic purges conducted by this race of biomechanical bug-like star-ships is unknown, as they hibernate for ~50,000 Earth-years, then spend centuries wiping all advanced civilizations out, leaving few things in their wake capable of recording and preserving the data of such events to and beyond their next awakening and purge). Considered a threat comparable to that of the Flood (of Halo), Reapers are actively hunted on their home turf; their formerly-secret hibernation areas of Deep Space and Dark Matter beyond the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Caught off-guard there, their largest swarms only last a few minutes as Inisfreean forces swoop down upon them from all sides, overwhelming and deleting them before most of them even wake up to defend themselves. Even more powerful and mind-controlling than the field of influence all Reapers have... is the calming aura of any Inisfreean --the synergy of which, especially in swarm numbers (up to sextillions of Inisfreeans), is staggering even to a fleet of the largest Reapers. *The reason for hunting such a useful species is because Inisfreeans alone must decide which beings stay or go, while Reapers wipe out all advanced civilizations, indiscriminately slaughtering untold numbers of sexy females in the process; unacceptable to any Inisfreean.

Protoss: Considered an advanced form of the Asari (biotics & psionics), the largest Spaceship built by this species, the Protoss Mothership (2,464m diameter; ~2.5km), was flash-cloned --fully staffed and reinforced with a fleet of Protoss Carriers. Beyond housing many thousands of elite Protoss military personnel, all of which possessed remarkable telepathic, telekinetic, and other mental powers (namely psionic ones; the abilities to make practical use of psychic powers or paranormal phenomena), this large Spaceship class also makes use of a black-hole weapon. The trouble for the Protoss is that, though extremely advanced compared to 99% of species and civilizations across the Universe, a mere single black-hole weaponization technique is still considered primitive relative Inisfreeans because Inisfreeans have shielding and jamming for such things, and because Inisfreeans can redirect black-holes back toward the Protoss Mothership. Furthermore, Protoss Carriers, even when supported by Protoss Arbiters (group-cloaking Spaceships) and other Protoss Spacecraft, are insufficient for running interception or distraction work for the Protoss Mothership; Inisfreeans can see items through all forms of cloaking, and just redirect any black-holes created by the Protoss Mothership to suck all supporting ships into the mother one. Stasis fields are also useless against Inisfreeans who move inter-dimensionally with their craft (ships and vehicles); phase-shifting as easily as humans side-step and skip.

Protoss-Zerg Hybrids created by the Xel'naga were recreated and unleashed inside Inisfreean ships. Though they possessed the mental powers of the Protoss (including telepathic, psychic, and even demonic-possession-style mind-altering abilities), and though they possessed the Xenomorph-like powers of the Zerg (such as genetic assimilation, and the ability to heal their buildings (a primitive form of what Inisfreean constructs can do)), Inisfreean constructs remained immune to all of these powers. Ultimately, as with the Xenomorphs, the Protoss-Zerg Hybrids were unable to do anything more than wander around and memorize Inisfreean areas and habits.

The Q Continuum is another ('higher') dimension where a nearly omnipotent species exists in a sort of seemingly eternal stagnation. Having relatively godlike powers when compared to humans of Star Fleet, the Q are, perhaps, the only species in the Megaverse which stand a chance at causing problems for Inisfreeans who actually ARE omnipotent at this point in history. The curious thing in this dueling scenario is that the Q claim to be timeless; to have always existed, never been created, and never facing death (though Q can die if they wish and are approved by other Q to disincarnate), while Inisfreeans were created over the course of the 2010s by a mortal human as he evolved into immortality and invincibility (and no Inisfreean can ever die or even wish, think, or request to die; it isn't physically possible for them to do any of those). This means that even though Inisfreeans, too, know how to perform various forms of time-travel, no matter which point in any time-stream they teleported to, they could not alter the supposedly timeless existence of the Q or their Continuum. Also, the Q are just as ugly, temperamental, and condescending as most humans, while Inisfreeans are born and remain perfect; flawlessly beautiful. This means that Q are ultimately mortal and capable of committing suicide, while Inisfreeans are not, and that Q can have mood swings, while Inisfreeans cannot. This also means that the Q, though supposedly timeless, are not stabilized by their own natures and beauties, while Inisfreeans certainly are (the sexiness of Inisfreeans is part of what keeps them healthy, happy, horny, active, and in love with eternity all the time). So, though the Q can time-travel and have a much greater memory of all of time, even more powerful forces than the Q possess have locked into the main time-stream the life and evolution of Auzdein into his greatest phase of existence; Inisfree. In other words, Q cannot alter events to prevent the birth of Auzdein or his maturation into Inisfree and all it has become today. All the Q can do is annoy him from time to time -and only when he is in the Outlands (the Q do not possess enough power to enter Inisfree or do anything there without Auzdein's permission). The paradox in this is that, though he hates being annoyed, now that he has become Inisfree, being annoyed is nearly impossible, so being annoyed would simultaneously offend and impress him, plus the Q are regarded as annoying to him (Inisfree) whether they are aloof or present (whether they are visible to him and other Inisfreeans or away in their Q Continuum dimension). The Grid Mind (technically Auz's 2nd brain) determined that the way to defeat the Q in a war, then, is to bore them until enough of their people request suicide (which distracts Q leadership), attempt suicide (which panics Q leadership), and succeed in suicide (which causes catastrophic effects in the Outlands -even to the point of changing the gravitational constant for vast regions of Space). It is hypothesized that these catastrophic effects would be far-reaching enough to affect even the Q Continuum, possibly deleting it out of existence entirely -even to the point that it never existed at all. The Q, on the other hand, cannot bore Inisfree or the Inisfreeans to this point, though, as their presence energizes Inisfree with anger just as much as their absence does (wherever the Q are, it stirs the ire of the Inisfreean heart). Ultimately, the Q are unstable, but that seems to keep the Megaverse a more interesting, surprising, and entertaining place -even though they are typical in their ugliness. Furthermore, Inisfree regards them not as a threat (as their powers cannot change anything Inisfreean, though they Could delete planets or time-streams out of existence as Inisfreean fleets were eagerly anticipating landfall, kajirae harvesting, and so on), but as the natural voluntary de-evolution of 'gods' back into unstable forms due to the inevitable boredom, depression, and atrophy that tends to occur when beings ascend to the point of achieving too many powers. In short, the Q are hard-wired to seek interaction with 'lesser' beings, just like the Inisfreeans are, and the Inisfreeans cannot harm the Q Continuum's timeless existence, while the Q cannot harm Inisfree's invincible existence from the 2010s onward. In a word: stalemate.

Xenomorphs work best as infiltrators, so dozens of them were released into Inisfreean ships and ignored (Inisfreean sensors can easily detect and track them anywhere). The Xenomorphs, curiously enough, made no attempt to capture anything; this is because first they sensed nothing was impregnable (Inisfreeans and their structures cannot be converted by the Xenomorph processes), then the calming auras of all Inisfreean constructs (Inisfreeans and their structures) made the Xenomorphs docile like house pets. Inisfreeans then demonstrated their omni-conversion abilities by willing Facehugger DNA to change such that all the Facehuggers became sex-toys with rechargeable battery stations; their eggs, both of which used to be very short-lived mortals (after indefinite hibernation was interrupted by the detection of nearby lifeforms of sufficient biomass to warrant impregnation attempts).

Yautja followed suit in these deep Space war games. Their masks were easily overridden or teleported away, while Inisfreeans' natural eyeballs and other sense organs continued to see in all of those spectrum sections and more, and are incapable of being teleported away. This was enough to outclass the Yautja, and the Inisfreeans didn't even need to call upon their virtually infinite computing power to out-think these formerly galactic apex predators. Beyond this, while Yautja can cloak from the visible spectrum, Inisfreeans can cloak across the enTIRE spectrum, so their hiding abilities are vastly superior to anything the Yautja could imagine. As for the Yautja Spaceships, they are considered as negligible as grains of sand on a gentle breeze would be.

Zerg: The Cerebrates and Overmind alike were interfaced with and overridden the same way Inisfreeans control minds and computers. Given that an Overmind is the size of a small town, or a number of Xenomorph Hives, it took several minutes to scan, map, interface with, and override the Overmind, as compared to the nearly instantaneous overrides that Xenomorph Queens and all other Outlander creatures succumbed to. Once the override was complete, however, due to the Ansible-like Zerg telepathic network (a primitive form of the I.N.N.), entire broods and countless swarms fell dormant within seconds, being swept aside like inanimate objects floating helplessly in an asteroid belt.

At the conclusion of this 2nd series of R-CAX, the Grid Mind determined that if combinations of these various threat species were to arise on an unprecedented scale across multiple galaxies simultaneously, whether in a coordinated effort of 'axis powers' or as a coincidence, while Inisfree would remain immune to it all, Inisfreean forces would be strained in the sense that it would take them longer to deploy to so many points of Space all at once, destroy or mind-control such numerous enemy units, and 'sleep off' the angering and depressing effects of witnessing so many different things Inisfreeans consider to be ugly and 'draining' (temporarily, though significantly, reducing of Inisfreean chi and motivation).

Though Inisfreeans ​​could calm and arouse all those it battled in these R-CAX, they are not considered compatible with Inisfreeans, so war instead was explored.

Update:  3rd R-CAX Series:

While the 1st Inisfreean R-CAX pitted the city, Inisfree, against the some of the largest Spaceships from across the Universe (up to the size of moons, such as the Death Star), and the 2nd Inisfreean R-CAX focused more on pitting Inisfree against armadas and planet-sized Spaceships (such as the Craftworlds of the Eldar) along with demi-deities known as The Q Continuum, this 3rd R-CAX pitted Inisfree against actual deities; namely, the Great Old Ones (deities so powerful and complex that humans cannot comprehend them) and the Outer Gods (deities so powerful and complex that even the Great Old Ones cannot comprehend them) of the Cthulhu Mythos. Also pitted against Inisfree in this R-CAX were the deities of the ancient Norse, Greeks, Africans, and several other major groups. The combined mental powers of the sextillions of Inisfreeans and their Grid Mind discovered how to clone, modify, and dispatch them all, for there was a way to interface with, override, and commandeer each and every one of them. So, one by one, and then in various combinations, the copies and permutations of those deities were summoned and slain in the depths of the Abyss known by humans as Outer Space... somewhere far beyond the Oort Cloud. If any of those gods and goddesses ever proved hostile to Inisfree or its people, the Inisfreeans would be ready. Furthermore, the Inisfreeans realized they would likely never need to fight such beings in the first place --because their goals and desires are still one and the same; driving scum such as humans mad, sacrificing some of them to keep their plague of a species (humankind) in proper line, keeping their kind in check so they don't kill entire worlds, and so on. Thus, even gods such as Thor and Cthulhu stand no chance now against the Inisfreean mental and physical might, and humanity remains well quarantined on the handful of worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy it has been steered to and allowed to temporarily occupy --on its species-wide probation, as it were.