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Caribbean Ponds
Caribbean Ponds

These are the two ponds next to the foundation of Arch City.  Like Inisfree's main lake, they resemble the Caribbean Sea due to their soft turquoise color range, shallowness, and pale sands. Within a couple hundred feet of one edge of the Welcoming Square, these ponds are a favorite attraction for cooling off, initial swimming and skinny-dipping demonstrations, and just lying on their shoreline and watching their subtly bioluminescent floors twinkling like soft starlight behind thin, beige colored clouds.

Dimensions & Layout:
Both of these ponds are inverted half ellipsoids (upside-down domes); elliptical (ovals) on their surface (how they are shaped), and smoothly round along their floors, gradually reducing their slope from all sides of their shoreline in toward their center and lowest point.  The pond nearest the Welcoming Square has a surface area which measures nearly 860 feet along its long axis, and nearly 730 feet along its short axis, while the other pond's surface area, almost circular, measures nearly 920 feet along its long axis, and about 800 feet along its short axis.  Both of these ponds reach a maximum depth of 20 feet right at their centers, giving them an average slope of just over one vertical foot per 20 lateral feet; for every 20 feet one walks and wades out from the shoreline toward the center, they would also be descending one foot down into the water. By the time an average human-sized person got about 110 feet from the shore, her head would be under the surface of the pond she was in.

Special Features:
As mentioned above, these ponds are slightly bioluminescent in that if one was to look at them closely during a day with low sunlight, and especially during a day with low moonlight and low auroral activity, one would be able to see that the sand on their floors, and a bit along their shorelines, faintly sparkles like sporadic starlight-style fiber optics.  This effect is similar to Christmas lights on timers and randomizers with a fade-off-and-on setting.

Smaller watercraft are those used on these smaller bodies of Inisfreean water.  Guests and residents may use slower, simpler vessels such as inner-tubes, inflatable-ring trampolines, the hovercraft version of jetskis, and so forth.