Disc Pond News:  This body of water is now the main wading pool of Inisfree.
Disc Pond
Disc Pond

This Inisfreean body of water is named due to its form; while the two ponds by Arch City reach a depth near their center of a few stories, this pond instead is barely waist-deep all the way across, and, of course, is in the shape of a circle.

Dimensions & Layout:
This pond measures 1,188 feet across, and is a perfect circle, making its water's surface area just over 1,107,905 square feet.  Its greatest depth is at its center; about three feet, and this depth gradually decreases out in all directions toward its encircling banks and shoreline.  At one point, it opens into a stream which connects with Inisfree's main canyon river.

Special Features:
Like many Inisfreean bodies of water, from this city's lake to its swimming pools and even some of its bathtubs and ceilings, the bottom surface of this pond begins to subtly twinkle at nightfall, its embedded LEDs functioning like programmed fiber-optic Christmas lights on timers and faders.