NWO MIL TRNG Area News:  Taking up roughly one quarter of Inisfree's surface and internal airspace, all citizens learn the Art of War here.
New World Order Military Training Area
The NWO Military Training Area

The Basics:
Inisfreean basic training takes Inisfreeans to levels well above and beyond the SpecWar community members of the Outland, fusing all of the techniques and tricks of groups such as the Delta Force, DEVGRU, D.I.A., DynCorp, F.A.S.T., G.I.G.N., Green Berets, G.S.G. 9, Kidon Mossad, Marine Force Reconnaissance, M.I. 6 (S.I.S.), N.S.A., N.E.S.T., Para-rescue Jumpers, Red Cell, S.A.S., S.B.S., Se.A.L.s, Spetsnaz, Triple Canopy, and U.F.O.R.T, just to name a few.  
Rendering Proper Military Greetings:
The illogical and vestigial Outlander tradition of saluting only officers suggests that they have no loyalty or friendship to the enlistedmen.  You should salute all military personnel, and only to show your face when it is masked by your helm's faceplate.

When there is no helmet and faceplate concealing one's face, or when their faceplate is already up and revealing their face, the Roman / NAZI salute is rendered.  When a helmet and faceplate are concealing one's face, the Medieval knight's salute is rendered.

Medals mean more than just recognition.  Each means more benefits after your period of service. There are no taxes in Inisfree, nor is there any form of monetary currency or exchange; all awards are free and issued immediately upon achievement.

Military Martial Arts Program:
Gun Katas, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Ninjutsu, and Sayoc Kali have replaced MCMAP.

Fully-trained Philosophy:  
Unlike Outland militaries, which are trained to know as little as possible, Inisfreean military forces are trained to be one-person conquering-machines.  We honor them by trusting them with all military training; not just compartmentalized, watered-down, sub-standard, officer-approved...

We expect them to rise up and take over if they are being oppressed or neglected.

Prescribed Footwear:  
All FOBian military personnel wear Storm Trooper suit boots (heavy operations), Converse combat sneaker-boots (moderate operations), and Vibram foot-gloves (light operations and post-hikes/humps).
Pray to Mars for War

We thank the war lords of old, and the stars and The Fates, that we have so many enemies to keep us angry and covered in
 their blood for ages.

We pray that their blood tints our hair so that we may be mighty blood-Marines


Inisfreean Military Specialties

Reconnaissance Marine

Pre-requisite masteries required to attend Boot Camp are taught in The School:

Dance (all styles)
Le Parkour and CrossFit

Medieval Warfare Drills

hook down shields (S.C.A. style)

[Training Facilities] Directory

See what each mass-training construct in Inisfree's private military area looks like, and what it is for:

Tr-Fac Name 1:

    Storm Troopers

Ranges: (we train on all Outlander weapons, in case our own go down)
    Small Arms
    Light Machine Guns

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世界新秩序 軍事 培訓區
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