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Sol Protection Administration
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Entity Name:  Sol Protection Administration
Establishment Year:  2XXX


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Sol Protective Administration

The Sol Protective Administration was created in the year 2478. Shortly after, it won the bid to be a part of the Sol System's defense force as a private military contractor.

The Sol Protective Administration, or known as SPA in short, quickly took its military contract and began to create its own military force, and by the year 2481 it was adequately equipped to meet the standards and needs for its operation.

Contracts for the SPA boomed and its dedication to service and quality of personnel and equipment quickly boosted not only its wealth but also its power.

The SPA operates in several branches. Its Naval branch operates to protect space needs and desires. Its Terran branch operates to do the same, however on the surface of planets or in space stations.

In the year 2485, the SPA began to conduct its own manufacturing program, creating weapons and other technology to compliment its military force.

While the SPA usually conducts operations in the system it is named for, it has expanded to other systems that are of interest either in and of themselves or their contracts. The SPA, however, absolutely does not conduct protection for those traveling out from the Sol system.

In the year 2489, SPA began to experiment with cloning human beings.

The SPA is most known for its operation on the prison planet of Mars. With Earth's non-human population so extreme, and Earth's human population almost entirely relocated and banned, it was decided that Mars, which had become rampant with new drugs and organized crime problems, would become the perfect location for the overflowing prison populations. The SPA was given full power to operate on the planet, including establishing and maintaining operations.

Innocents were evacuated from the planet, but many stubborn residents refused to relocate; most of those included the criminal rings. The SPA took it upon themselves, with great controversy, to turn Mars into a testing ground for new military equipment. The planet was shelled and literally became a live fire testing ground for several months.  After all, who cares about criminals these days?

The government of Earth turned a blind eye to the SPA actions and no criminal actions were sought against SPA for the operations they conducted on Mars. With many cities in ruins, the SPA then dropped off the prison populations on the planet.

Mars remains the same, however with the SPA's presence on the planet, as well as in orbit, no one leaves the planet. Numerous escape attempts have happened - and almost all have been shot down.

Riots and mass violence are usually quelled by ground forces - which oddly tends to coincide with weapon testing.

The SPA has also been suspected of being corrupt; affiliated with many of the organized crime rings, and assisting in smuggling several drugs that can only be made on Mars, although these claims have never been fully proven.

The SPA continues its Mars operation with an indefinite contract. However, in recent times, it has seemingly become bored with the Sol system, and is gradually beginning to expand its operations more fully elsewhere.