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Breakfast in Bed

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Breakfast in Bed


Part 1:

my Persephone crew had enjoyed a campfire circle with smores and campfire songs that night on the latest world we were visiting as part of our spacecraftcarrier's patrol route through the Black(link), singing a few fun songs, such as Row Your Boat, and more stirring pieces, such as Misty Mountains Cold.
i let sarah, kneeling by the side of my chair, lick bits of a s'more out of my hand, then passed her around to be cradled atop each of my men's laps while we sang some more.
i fucked nyria extra hard that night once we had returned to our rooms in Persephone, and ordered sarah to, after she cleaned up the cargo chamber, make her rounds to all of my crewmen's rooms in the neck of our ship, servicing them and cleaning their rooms, too; whatever they wanted her to do. once all of them were satisfied, she was allowed to sleep, and would do so with her collar chained to the foot of my bed.
for breakfast, she was to be up before the sunrise, helping nyria cook in the diningroom of our ship. nyria and sarah, back and forth, were to take turns practicing using each other as the living serving platter; presenting our meals nyotaimori; on their nude bodies. that meant they were the eye candy and second dessert course while whichever one of them Wasnt the living platter that meal would do the dishwashing while we used and filled the one who Was. once the dishes were washed, dried, and put back away, that girl was then permitted to join us in enjoying the living platter, then the men would play games to decide who got to take which girl or girl to their rooms first, and who got to have a threesome with both girls next, and which girls got to have a threesome with which two of my crewmen, and which girls got to sleep with which crewmen for the rest of those nights 'til their predawn breakfast prepping duties required them to hurry to this kitchen of ours in our ship's dining room again.
augustine and i spent the most time of all our crew alone in our rooms so we could check on our businesses, he with Bilderberg, and me with WGI and its subsidiary, WMKM. he received his reports through an iScroll mounted like a banner from the top bar or a tripod on his room's desk, and i my reports through my telepathic link with my 4th in command; my daughter, a perfected clone of Amber Heard, back home in our secret city on duty as its acting commanderess while i operated my ship out here.
one night, to reward sarah and remind her that i paid attention to what she showed interest in and love for, i unchained her and let her roam around our ship at her leisure, requesting to service everyone else with quickies, provided she came back to my room, where nyria and she stayed more often than not, and sexily lower herself into the gorean pleasure slave girl kneeling position, having kept all of my crewmen's cum in her mouth to now show me.
i then jacked off in her mouth, adding my load, and then chewed my tongue to fill my mouth with spit, which i then let pour down into sarah's, adding to the men's cum there, and then had nyria do the same. then i sent nyria around asking the men if they wanted to spit in sarah's mouth, too. then nyria returned and let her own mouthful of spit pour down into sarah's. now that sarah's mouth was threatening to overflow from all our sperm and spit, i had nyria put a straw down in it and suck it all up into Her mouth, then had sarah do a handstand and had nyria insert the straw down into sarah's pussy, slowly blowing all the sperm and spit mixture into IT, then helped ease sarah back down to kneel over nyria's face so that nyria could felch all that sperm and spit back out of sarah's pussy, then had nyria stand over sarah and let it all pour out of her mouth into sarah's, careful to let sarah feel it all meeting the tip of her tongue and sliding down its middle, then had her return it, via the straw, to nyria's pussy as nyria did a handstand, and then had nyria stand
in a wide stance over sarah who, while kneeling, would get to tilt her head back while it drained back into sarah's mouth for the last swap.
"i know how much you enjoy having sperm and spit in your mouth, my heart slave," i grinned to sarah, gently massaging her throat with my warm hand while my other hand kept her head tilted back by a fistful of the girl's hair.
"now show my daughter and me what a good girl you always are about swallowing that spit and sperm."
nyria was leaning down to kiss sarah's forehead, then lightly trail the tip of her tongue along sarah's lips while the two of us watched sarah's performance.
as a further reward, i let sarah remain unchained, and sleep sandwiched between me and nyria the rest of the night, my cock casually throbbing inside whichever hole sarah decided to put it in, and nyria pressing against sarah's other side to keep sarah pressed snugly against me, nyria often giving sarah's tits a reacharound massage when sarah was facing me, or nuzzling and cuddling with sarah in the 69 position when sarah was facing away from me.
one day, as sarah and nyria were getting up at their usual time, 5am, to head to our ship's diningroom to start breakfast, i reached out and gently closed my arm around sarah's nearest wrist to order her to wait.
"slave," i addressed her when there were no other slaves around to be reminded that she was First Girl, "u will service me first with a quickie this morning" and then telepathically commanded nyria to prepare the breakfast on her own.
nude and happy as she and all her sisters; my daughters, the inisfreeans, always were to do Any of my biddings, nyria, nude, scampered up out of my room and off to make our first meal of the day.
i gave sarah her quickie, telling her she was in charge this time and could ride me however she desired, and continued to work on her until nyria had brought breakfast down on a silver platter to serve sarah breakfast in bed. with sarah straddling my cock still pulsing inside her again cum squirt filled pussy, i handfed and let sarah handfeed me, massaging her shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, thumbs, breasts, ribs, waist, hips, asscheeks, thighs, knees, and ankles when i wasnt handfeeding her; when she was taking her time chewing and savoring each bite, and then left her with nyria who took over, serving sarah for a change.
i went around and told my crewmen that breakfast was being served to sarah this morning in my room, and that i wanted them to really give her the red carpet treatment. for breakfast-in-bed dessert, i surprised sarah by having each of my three men, one at a time, climb down the ladder into my room, sexually service sarah however sarah wanted them to, then had them all go down at once, without me, and together, with nyria, give sarah a fivesome with sarah in command the whole time.
nyria telepathically let me know when sarah had satisfied herself with the four of them, and i returned to my room, grinning, to join them.
"happy breakfast in bed, sarah," i used her name this time.
nyria began to quietly offer the three crewmen their own breakfast and 'dessert' as i returned to sit at my heart-slave's side, hugging her close and lovingly in thanks for all she had been and was to me and the rest of us.
"you can just relax this morning and let all of us cater to You for a change," i told her, squeezing her in our hug and kissing her cheek and lips tenderly. "i love you very much and i want you to feel how appreciated you are"
i told sarah she had the whole day and night free to do whatever -and whoever- she wanted. i would see to it that no one gave her orders today, provided she wasnt disturbing anyone, such as me or augustine during our online business meetings to manage our empires.
"nyria is also looking forward to serving you hand and foot today, my beautiful little First Girl," i hugged her, kissing sarah again on her forehead. "she and i both love you with all our hearts sarah, and she is eager, for today and tonight, to be Your slave girl; your very own kajira."
i grinned, adding "put her through her paces, my love. we might even have you whipping her as you command her into all the display positions and struts of a Gorean pleasure slave in an auction just for our crew -and your pleasure- in the cargo chamber tonight."
i was already grinning at tickling both girls by bidding insulting amounts for nyria, booing at her performance so sarah would have cause to whip her more and harder, and then striding up on the auctioning block; the first platform of our catwalk staircases from the cargo chamber's floor up to the neck hatch near its ceiling, eyelocking with sarah, our cute little auctioness, while i yanked the whip away from her and tossed it aside, and lifting her up off her feet up there, helpless in my arms as i spun her around in front of everyone below, showering her in my love and bearded kisses while nyria hurried down off that 'auctioning block' of ours to heel whoever had been the highest bidder for her, loving really getting into our roleplaying that night.
i would pin sarah against the wall up there, then; a third of the way up to the ceiling of our ship's cargo chamber, and make rough love to her in front of everyone enjoying nyria's temporary slavery down below, telling sarah as our fucking became gentle and sweet, what a good and sexy little auctioness she makes, and..."i love you."
with that mental image to whet sarah's appetite, i left her with her silver platter of remaining breakfast, in total privacy in my and nyria's room in the neck of Persephone, and patted Augustine on the back of his shoulder as i passed him pinning nyria to the neck hallway's wall as he gave her her next very welcome morning's quickie.
he chuckled at my passing pat of his shoulder, then nyria lovingly rested her hand on his cheek, looking deeply up intk his eyes, with her other hand held up high above her head by his grip of her wrist there, submitting to him to really help him cum hard inside her.
i checked on sarah periodically; just twice as her free day and evening progressed, leaning in to the rooms i noticed her in, whenever she was by herself, only long enough to rumble "may i do anything for you, my love?"
if i caught her, out of habit, doing any chores without realizing she was, i would tap the back of her hand and scoop her up into my arms, smiling "stop that! you are a free woman today", then ease her back down as we sealed our lips together, and playfully but loudly spank her ass once to send her back along her freeday way, letting her see over her shoulder that i was loving checking her out as she walked away.
she might not like being freed for a day, for she is a slave at heart, through and through, and self-professed, but this, I thought, would be healthy and refreshing for; like the holiday Kajuralia on Gor
Part 2:


Part 3: