The New World Order and His Main Girls
The NWO and His Main Girls News:  The three greatest goddesses have now been determined.
The NWO Abstract

This account details more about the relationships, natures, and places of the main deities of the Inisfreean realm.
The New World Order and His Main Girls:

Ambi, her name so sexily sounding like 'Bambi', an entertaining stripper sexpot stage name, was a wonderful queen to the king, but she had asked him if he wanted her to give up her realm for his, and he had told her she wouldn't have much to rule over as an Inisfreean queen, even as the Inisfreean high queen, and so, even though her realm was unstable, she returned to it after her honeymoon with Auz, ruling it as she transitioned in to replace its previous vampire queen. She had lit up when Auz had decided this, again telling him how much she loved him; not only had he given her her freedom in sex, reassuring her that she was free to fuck whoever she pleased, reassuring her that that was not bad but sexy, recognizing that she was in deed, as she had said, a very sexual girl, he had also given her her freedom as a leader, ensuring she got to be the queen she was destined and raised and wanting to be. And since Ambi and Auz were both immortals, even though she might spend months or years apart from him, both of them ruling their own realms and commanding their own campaigns, this was to them like a human couple which works most weekdays and often travels separately for different jobs, having time to see each other only briefly on the weekends, the sparks then always flying wonderfully; all that regularly built back up sexual tension. Ambi even got to be her night-and-day zodiac way, swinging suddenly between emotions, thrilled at how she could trust her husband to not take advantage of her when she became a giggly little curious, playful, horny, delightfully needy girl around him. Then she could be a ruthless, cold, iron-fisted monarch and enjoy sating her vampiric bloodlust in the Outlands. He recognized that she, like some females of various humanoid races (species), was evolved to be only submissive Some of the time, their hearts needing to be free and wild and dominant Other times, and seeing him recognize and honor and even help her maintain that balance her zodiac nature burned for only deepened her love and need for him.


Sarah was a human, thus a slave at heart; submissive all the time, no matter what. She liked orders and punishments, harsh treatment and rough usage, even gravitating toward Catholicism for a time because of this. She didn't want a choice in who she fucked or how. When her king saw and reinforced this for her, too, she, too, fell only more and more deeply in love with him. This inspired her to work extra hard at being a pleasing servant and sex toy for him, and because her heart was fully in it, she quickly became his First Girl; highest ranking, most skilled, favorite kajira in his kingdom, Inisfree. When his queen, Ambi, was away in her own realm, it was Sarah who he turned his rough attentions to, keeping her heeling him, close at his side always, using her 10 times more than he did his main wife, Ambi. Sarah did his laundry and kept his bed warm. Sarah cooked and fed him his breakfasts. She decorated the rooms he sent her to wait for him in. They said "I love you" to each other more than he did with anyone else. She was, as she had said, not only his pleasure slave, but his heart slave, and he loved this, and she loved that he loved this, and he loved that she loved that. As with Ambi, it was a match made in heaven.


Freyja -- yes, the actual one; Vanadis, goddess of sex, beauty, and love -- was the only woman in the whole Universe who could ever best Sarah at sex (though the Inisfreeans, of course, were just as sexually phenomenal as Freyja; a tie). It was, after all, why Freyja existed, and she had been perfecting it for millennia before Sarah was even born. When Sarah was entertaining her master's other guests, ordered to fuck them however they wished, Freyja was the girl Auz frequented, head over heels in love with him, too, just as Sarah and Ambi were. She was his tan, fit, curvy, blue-eyed blond Barbie-doll bombshell with an hourglass to live for, her whole body like a hypnotic lava-lamp of sexiness, femininity, and love. The cool thing about her was that she took Sarah under her wing, and the two of them made love to each other very often, sharing notes and innovative ideas for how each of them could be even sexier, and the king smiled on this from afar, giving them their space and girl time, and they knew he would be enjoying watching, and often couldn't help but smile about this, clearly thinking that, which he noticed and smiled at even more.


Whenever Ambi, Freyja, and Sarah were around Auz at the same time, their orgies were something for the record books. Their eyes were bright with love for one another like never before, and their complexions contrast was a work of art in and of itself; the King standing a head taller than most of them, his body toned with smoothly curving muscle bulges, his skin tanned, with his brown hair and eyes, then his high queen with her black hair, her eyes she sometimes set to be colored jade, lavender, lilac, or silver, and her white skin, then Freyja, a bit shorter than Ambi, and with her golden beach bunny natural tan, bright blue eyes, and hair between platinum blond and sunny wheat colors, then little Sarah, a bit shorter still, with her creamy mocha skin, hazel eyes, and chocolaty colored hair. And when they were apart, each of them had their other love and lust interests, all of them greatly benefiting from a healthy, daily, sometimes hourly sexual appetite and feasting. Ambi used sex as a weapon to sometimes help lure in her food, and against her vampire enemies and the enemies of her husband, the King of Inisfree. Sarah used sex to welcome and reassure his guests, helping to guarantee new friendships, trade agreements, and alliances. She also, with Freyja, helped teach all his existing and new kajirae how to be the best they could be, giving all those females the keys to their hearts' most important dreams and most powerful instinctive needs. Freyja used sex to calm the giants that once plagued her people, the Vanir, and those who had taken her in; the Aesir. Now that they were reduced to but a few gods and goddesses, repopulating their immortal races and realms, the giants also having been nearly rendered extinct in the same Ragnarok event, this took up far less of her time, leaving her natural sexual appetite, comparable to only one other being in all of the Universe; King Auz, to spill over first onto him, and then to his many trillions of sex-demi-goddess daughters, the Inisfreeans, and then to the rest of the compatible and interested beings across the Universe. She still traded sex with Dwarves for fine jewelry, but now when she did things like that, she was not met by Loki with insults attempting to trick Asgardians into jealous drama with her, but by Auz with genuinely supportive compliments and love, which melted and aroused her more than she'd ever been, bonding her heart and soul to him and with his forever.


At meetings of Inisfree's Council of Elders, in the pent-house office near the pinnacle of King Auz's skyscraper corporation headquarters, Ambi sat beside him on their double throne; a chair-and-a-half (now called a throne-and-a-half) made for not a commoner, but the king and queen of all Creation; the two of them. Sarah sat on the floor between their legs, right where she wanted to be, hugging one of Auz's calves as he pet the top of her head, letting her suck on his middle finger here and there as she looked up at him for approval and direction. Freyja curled up like a cat on his other side when she was visiting, taking Ambi's place when Ambi was busy in her vampire queendom, or holding one of Ambi's hands in her own across Auz's lap when they were keeping both of his sides warm and aroused. And all his many daughters maintained his kingdom in every structure and other place across it, always ready to fuck him wherever he might roam; Nyria, his firstborn, being his main secretary and manager for them, and his Inisfreean variant of Amber Laura Heard, taking care of the Inisfreean Congresses when he didn't have time or wish to sit in on some of them, both of these girls transmitting waves of updates to him in the Inisfreean Way; not with data transfers through cables or beams, but by sex, via their H.A.N. (Human Area Network), doing this in orgies whenever a group needed to be briefed instead of just him.


For family meals, they usually dined in his main dining room in his private mansion high on New Olympus, Inisfree's central and greatest mountain. Filling this dining hall, they occupied every one of its many dozens of high-backed, throne-like seats (each a throne-and-a-half), straddling the laps of those they moved to sit with while they dined and chatted and joked away, constantly served and sexed by both his most educated daughters, the Master Females, and best performing kajirae, whom Sarah had both trained with in the beginning, and now helped train, as the top intermediary between their kind and that of the Inisfreeans'. Like (the game) Musical Chairs, they moved from one seat and lap to the next, until all the chairs were empty, they had straddled and fucked every single dining guest in the room, and their pairings had grown into ménages à trois, finally merging into one room-sized orgy of them all. The 39 kings Auz had put in charge of the cleaned up Earth came with their wives and kajirae, too, so every one of their wives fucked Auz in their turn while their husbands watched and fucked their other wives and his daughters and kajirae, and Freyja fucked them all, and all of them beaming beautiful smiles while they did this around his long dining table; this was the Inisfreean equivalent of Outlanders holding hands around a table and saying a prayer before eating. The Inisfreeans did it throughout the course of each feast-sized meal, sometimes with every wife holding the hands of the wives next to her as all of them straddled the lap of the random king whose dick was all the way up inside her, all of them facing toward the center of the table, all of the kings slowly flexing their cocks, all of their wives slowly flexing their pussies and rotating their pelvises, sharing the perfect sexual energy amongst their whole dining party ("sharing is caring"!). This was their level of wife swapping and pausing to give thanks.

And even with all of this going on every month, Ambi always got her treasured alone-time with her beloved husband, King Auz, as did even slave Sarah from time to time, sometimes even upon her timid request, as did even the goddess Freyja, even though she enjoyed sex even more than some of his daughters, the Inisfreeans, who had been engineered and schooled their whole lives for it. Each girl and man in Inisfree got what their hearts desired most.

And even though Sarah was a humble little slave girl at heart, she found her palatial room, given as her second graduation gift upon graduating top of her kajirae class (the first graduation gift being her unique slave collar of diamond and electrum instead of the standard iron), was well deserved and just right, as it always gave her plenty of space, privacy, and important luxury items to entertain the many elite guests of the King she had fallen so helplessly in love with.

Everyone was understood, respected, balanced, and mutually loving and supportive. Inisfree had, just as he'd foreseen, become the new Heaven, new Asgard, capital of the Universe, and literal Heaven on Earth.

The humans in the Outlands were back in check, and the 6th mass extinction known to them had been successfully stopped before it became the total and final extinction of the Earth. Now... all life would go on, and its planet -- their planet -- had a brand new face to explore, study, and marvel at.

And Thor and the other warriors-at-heart had gotten their Ragnarok; their final, greatest battle, getting to die in glorious combat like they and the Spartans had always hoped for. Thor, defeating the World Serpent, had fulfilled his great destiny, having lived a wonderful mostly-immortal life. His legendary hammer, Mjolnir, had been retrieved from where it fell after he had given his life taking the venomous World Serpent's, flying up into the hand of King Auz, having been immovable by any other. Odin was also no more now, but all was well in the Cosmos, for these things were prophesied, destined, even wanted by those predecessor deities, and Auz had brilliantly risen to fill Odin's big shoes; the mantle of Allfather (which is, it is no coincidence, a very close spelling to Alf Father; father of the Elves; the true angels). Keeping, when not in use, Mjolnir and the other impressive tools of his revered predecessors, the Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers of the Universe, in safe storage in his city's special vaults, under constant guard by his Master Females (Inisfree's version of the Valkyries and warrior-geishas), this new All Father ensured they would never be misused. And high up on one of his city's foot-hills, named Statue Park, the flawlessly formed statues of Thor, his helmet winged and his hammer held high, and all the other great gods and goddesses stood tall, proud, and glorious in honor of those who had come before, that none ever forget them, and that they, should they ever somehow return, find the capital of the Universe they had inspired... eternally inviting and welcoming to them.

Now the Norns, also known as the Fates, had a whole new pantheon of emerging deities and empires with which to work their amazingly surprising life-weaves, and as Sarah would soon find out, she, already a beautiful girl and soul, had, with the help of the subtle Inisfreean ley-lines and its other technologies, evolved to become the latest of those deities; yes, little Sarah Santos was now a goddess, too. This wasn't a happy ending; it was the happy beGinning. This... is the New World Order.


When Ambi visited her husband in their secret summer house, Inisfree; their new Heaven, she always lit up, letting out her inner little girl, ran into his arms from where her terminal gate portal was closing back up behind her where his Civilian Aerospaceport had connected like a Stargate to her Outlands realm, and threw her legs up around his hips, helping him to cup, cradle, and squeeze her asscheeks as she began to slowly dry-hump and grind her pussy against his groin, meeting his lips with hers, and blushing and giggling excitedly as he kissed her vampire fangs and let her suck on his tongue. He tilted his neck to the side, giving her easy access to his neck, which she always very delicately, gently penetrated with just the tips of her fangs, tasting a little sample of his divine blood, always licking the two little pinpricks of the wounds she left there clean and rapidly healing, and then gazed deeply into his brown eyes.

"I'm so glad to be home, my darkest love," she purred, her arms and legs still wrapped around him, he still holding her a few feet up off the richly carpeted, luxury airport terminal his people had built for loving reunion moments just such as these.

"I'm glad you're home, too, my darkest queen," his face flexed with its smile, his toes curling inward as he maintained his stance, already wanting to be inside her.

They kissed nonstop, standing right there, for another ten minutes or so, then she pouted and began to rub her pussy above his cock even more energetically, playfully whining as she pushed his nose back with her own, "Play with me!"

And so he, still holding her up off the ground, carried her, already straddling and hugging him, over to the nearest bed (the Inisfreean airports have beds and love-seats, not plastic chairs, for people waiting by the gates to their Spacecraft and portals), and fucked her like they always fucked when they were able to meet back up; so hard that it would have broken and maybe even killed most lesser girls; anyone not blessed with vampiric super-strength and rapid healing, and she howled and gasped out her intense pleasure, cumming all over his cock, her pussy soaking wet even before he filled it with his spray of hot sperm, neither of them ever feeling they had time to get her out of those gorgeous couture royal dresses she always wore for him. Such was the endless love, lust, happiness and trust between the All Father and his High Queen.

And before they got back up from that nearest bed of theirs, linked arms, and strode off together, side by side and close as they Always were, he took a fistful of her black hair at the back of her neck and held her eyes directly in front of his, grinning as his eyes flashed at hers as his other hand, between her thighs, firmly and rigorously rubbed its palm and fingers together back and forth between her legs, smearing all their leaking cum back and forth against her pussy, leaving it hot and almost sore. THEN they were ready to take a stroll back into their home, Inisfree, together, he feeling she had been properly sated and kept aroused, trembling in her rekindled and growing need. Such is the Inisfreean Way. Such is the New World Order.