Amber News:  The first of this Inisfreean clone model is now one of the top women in charge of the inter-galactic corporation WGI.
Amber Laura Heard

While there are trillions of this model of clone in the Inisfreean realm, and while she, like all her Inisfreean sisters, is born in batches of 50 identical twins, the very first of her kind, called Amber Heard ICV1, is the 4th in command of the Inisfreean empire (1st in command being the Governor, 2nd being the Grid Mind, and 3rd being Haifa Wehbe ICV1 a.k.a. Nyria Serra; Inisfree's First-born).

You will usually find Amber Heard ICV1 in four places in Inisfree:
  1. WGI HQ Tower at the center of Sotu (she is the 2nd of two Inisfreean corporate chief executives, the 1st being Nyria Serra)
  2. ​The Auz'dome (she is the 2nd of two Inisfreean Congresswomen, the 1st being Nyria Serra)
  3. The Governor's Mansion (she is one of the Governor's top secretaries and liaisons, often serving as hostess for galas at this private estate of his)
  4. The Governor's side (​​she is one of his favorite Inisfreean clones; 'arm candy')
Inisfreean Amber