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Engineered and Cloned People
The New Horizon staff is composed primarily of engineered clones:

It's an effort to encourage the cloning (and clone-) community.  Some are concerned this process will hinder natural selection and its methods for sequencing DNA, since we are now picking and choosing the genes, however, we know it is a science that will help us by safe-guarding against genetic anomalies, accidental mutations (such as those attributed to gamma radiation exposure), and situations that would severely degrade an individual's quality of life; this is the Genetic Renaissance.

Cameras used to steal souls.  Dancing used to be evil.  Tomatoes used to be poisonous.  And the world used to be flat.  Or so we thought...

We now know the truth about all of those subjects, and the truth about what actually makes and keeps us healthy and progressing.  Cloning is now seen as one of the healthiest activities of humanity.  We don't look down on those who aren't cloned or engineered, but we aspire to be those who Are.  To the engineered clones we say  "Welcome, your majesty; not royalty, but majestic in every way."


Thanks to the Human Genome Project of the 20th century, 'mankind has gone on to easily map out the entire genomes of every species of plant and animal it has come across.

Templates for your very own clones are available through authorized Class-III dealers via the Cortex.

If you have question or are unsure about current engineering and cloning regulations and laws, please consult the Verse Cloning Consortium at:



Engineered Clones

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