Inisfreean Culture News:  This lifestyle is now also referred to as 'the Inisfreean Way'.
Inisfreean Culture:

Inisfreeans are all females who eternally look like sexually-mature pre-teens and teenagers in perfect health (with one exception; their Creator, the Governor, who is an adult male and at least a foot taller than any of them).​  The Inisfreean society and culture, thereby, is almost entirely bisexual, and all of these Inisfreean girls engage in daily orgies with hundreds or even thousands of their Inisfreean sisters. Inisfreeans hold free love, polyamory, 'cuddle puddles', sleep-overs, and orgies to be paramount.  Their existence is the cloning industry's greatest 'proof of concept'; undeniable, verifiable, endless evidence that cloning, like anything else, can be and has been perfected.  Because of this, Inisfreeans tend to shy away from any contact with races or species which do Not make use of genetic engineering and cloning technology --for the same reasons that, in Star Trek, some humanoid empires ignore planets whose races have not yet demonstrated at least a beginning usage of warp-drive technology.

Inisfree​​​ is a nudist resort, so everyone is almost always nude.  There are some exceptions to this rule, however, such as themed dance clubs which encourage (and sometimes require) certain fashions to be worn to match and complement the overall 'look and feel' (theme and atmosphere) of the establishment.  In these instances, couture is always worn; clothing specifically designed and tailored to each individual's body dimensions and ranges of motion.  An example of this attire is the Rykä shoes brand offered in Inisfree's mall, and the Kno clothing brand which makes clothing to accentuate all natural curves of a fit human female, helping girls and women alike to show off and seduce with the many artful wonders they are born with and meant by destiny to share and inspire by. In other words, Inisfreeans and their female guests dress in the most feminine of ways --during the few times when clothing is permitted in Inisfree, such as while visiting or gogo-dancing in the city's themed dance clubs.

Inisfreeans almost always shower, bathe, sleep, walk, sit, and eat together; in small or large groups. Most of their gatherings are effervescent parties, and whenever someone in Inisfree sits or lies down, whether in a public or private place, the Inisfreeans nearby will always stop to snuggle and make love with them unless words, gestures, or other signs, such as subtle body language or aura vibes request them not to.  There is always a strong sense of belonging, purpose, and togetherness.  The Inisfreean community is very open, loving, naturally upbeat, and outgoing.  As the nexus of the entire Megaverse (all Universes in all dimensions of Creation, sometimes referred to as the Omni-verse), Inisfreeans also try to weave in the finest aspects of all other communities and cultures into their own, helping to extend their community out into many thousands and even millions of others, such that guests from nearly anywhere will find familiar and appealing things in their incredibly eclectic city. Thus, the community of Inisfree is much like that of Disney World or any major port and trade city or entrepôt planet.

Inisfreeans hand-wash and tongue-wash each other (in bathtubs and showers alike (some of their showers being waterfalls)), and usually lick their teeth and gums (and the teeth and gums of their fellows and guests) clean, producing an effect comparable to speedy vampiric healing after a drink of fresh blood.  Like some animals, such as dogs, their saliva is antiseptic.  Unlike other animals, their saliva is also virtually a universal cure; anything it touches is almost instantly restored to its healthiest state.  This is why Inisfreeans kiss wounds before dressing or otherwise treating them, and why their dentists use French kissing instead of metal picks and the other dental tools Outlanders are more familiar with.  Check out Inisfree's Dental Facility here.  And expect to find Inisfreeans showering about twice each day, and offering to shower and bathe with you anytime you mention it.
​Inisfreean believe in holistic fitness; everything is interconnected, tied together, and mutually affecting.  In order to be truly, fully fit, one must be physically fit, which includes the mind (as the mind is part of the brain, which is part of the body).  The mind also includes the emotions and spirit, as Inisfreeans consider emotions to be a natural part of most creature's brains, and as Inisfreeans consider the spirit to be the essence and overall attitude and drive of any given creature.  So, to be fit in Inisfree, one must have the spiritual, the emotional, the mental (or 'cognitive'), and the physical all figured out and balanced, and Inisfree has a number of facilities, such as their Holistic Hospital, designed to help with all of that.  This is also why all Inisfreeans are upgraded versions of Registered Companions; why they are experts in dieting, nutrition, exercise, massage, sex, music, sleep, relationships, psychology, and a long list of other subjects.

Inisfreeans exercise throughout their school, academy/university, and military training years, but not because they need to in order to maintain their physiques; Inisfreeans instead exercise because their king finds it to be sexy, and when they do what he loves, both of them remain at their peak levels of emotional and spiritual fitness.​​

And since sex as seen as an integral, key, and critical part of fitness, as it is scientifically proven to be the best form of exercise, therapy, and stress relief, sex, like any other form of exercise, is daily enjoyed in nearly all public​​ and private places within Inisfree.  In France, you will see people enjoying blowjobs in city parks.  In Inisfree, you will see them enjoying nearly every type of sex.  An example of this sex-based fitness is how Inisfreeans do sit-ups; nude, paired up, both in each pair sitting up simultaneously to French kiss for a second before going back down to repeat this cycle.  For crunches, an Inisfreean girl will have her partner kneel straddling her so that each time she brings her chest and head up, she will be sucking in more of his cock or, if her partner is a girl, French kissing her pussy.  Yoga in Inisfree, of course, is almost always nude tantric partners yoga.

Inisfreeans regard gymnastics the same way Americans regard football, and how Italians and Brazilians regard soccer.​​

Inisfreeans learn dozens of styles of dancing starting as early as their elementary school years, and continue dancing throughout their lives.  They also include guests of Inisfree in public dance events; the parties called 'city dances', in which roving groups of dancers fuse their favorite styles of dance with Le Parkour and Free-running.  This is one of the reasons Inisfreeans are regarded as being the only creatures as nimble and lithe as the Asparas.

Inisfreeans love to climb things, and that is one of the reasons almost all of their stairwells (called A.I.O.W.s) include ropes and ladders, with the stairs and elevators generally being avoided.​​​ Inisfreeans also climb up the sides of buildings to and from their balconies, and to and from the rooftops of their houses and apartments, as well as up into or down out from tree branches.  Most of the city's silo clusters include indoor climbing gym walls, and in order to graduate from Inisfree's educational system, one must, among other things, demonstrate their prowess in climbing at various stations of the city's famous obstacle course.
Inisfreeans do not marry, but on special occasions, sometimes their king does.  He and all married guests of Inisfree enjoy what is called 'wife swapping'; during parties and other gatherings, such as before group meals, instead of just holding hands and saying a prayer or raising a glass and giving a toast, they make love to each other's wives so that no one feels jealous, left out, frustrated, or otherwise held back; all natural urges are encouraged and protected in the safe environment that is their home, Inisfree.  This lifestyle, also known as 'cuckolding', is done in private on smaller levels, as well; married couples in Inisfree will often enjoy increasing their sexual drives and general energies, magnifying their auras and sharpening their senses, by briefly teasing one another by pairing up or having orgies with other partners, sometimes in front of their spouses, and sometimes far across the city, 'sexting' (sending sexy photos as text messages) each other until they are practically trembling with excitement and desire, bursting with cum, readier than ever to reunite with their mates.​​​​ This is why you will almost always see husbands and wives in Inisfree holding hands, flirtily playing, and going home with husbands and wives not their own, for in their Outlands realms, such things are not always possible without alarming, sometimes overwhelmingly foolish, judgmental, even dangerous reactions from insecure, jealous, ignorant, exaggerating (sometimes even hypocritical) neighbors.

Making Love to Foreigners:
Beyond orgies and focusing their love and sexual attentions on fellow clones; members of the genetically-perfected self-engineering communities, Inisfreeans also fuck and have orgies with members of all sexually compatible species across the Universe.  Like the Asari, Inisfreeans have sex with any creatures they deem acceptable; extremely attractive, arousing, etc..​  With the Asari, the Inisfreeans engage in almost constant sexual activities of the most impressive caliber.  All of the sexiest girls of the humanoid species represented in the Congresses based out of the Auzdome are also favorites as Inisfreean fuck-toys.  If you are a guest of Inisfree, expect the sexiest girls you have ever imagined to routinely, eagerly ask you in casual conversation if you want to make love.  It doesn't matter if you are a total stranger to them; they will offer it to you every single visit and every single day.

Falling in Love:
Inisfreeans naturally love as many people as they are socially compatible with, but do not use the term 'giving their heart to someone'.  Instead, they believe in keeping their heart for themselves, while loving with all their might every person who loves them, too.  Inisfreeans stay in love no matter the trials they may face, and fall back in love as easily as the first time, such as after parting ways with people, which they always consider to be temporary (Inisfreeans are immortals, after all) and part of the natural, healthy, wise cycle and season of things.​​​  When those they love love other people, and when they have sex with other people, whether in secret or public, this makes Inisfreeans love them even more, for Inisfreeans love to see people enjoying one another, especially to the levels of lovemaking, even if it is just a casual quickie.  You will also frequently hear Inisfreeans telling people they love "I love you!" either in a breathy, hungry whisper, or a giggly tone loud enough for those around them to hear, and always with a starry-eyed gaze of wonder and light toward the eyes of whomever they are saying those special and electrifying words to.  When you cum inside an Inisfreean girl, expect to hear her blissfully moan or yell this to you as she girlishly clings at your body or the bed-sheets around her.

Sexy Gift-giving:
Inisfreean girls and human kajirae (female pleasure-slaves) are handed out as party-favors and door-prizes at the end of each A.D.O. (Inisfree's sorority) apartment party.​​​​​  For Inisfree's version of Christmas, these girls are often exchanged inside festively wrapped boxes, or sometimes with just a diaphanous red or green bow tied around their body in such a way as to keep all of their pussy and breasts revealed.  The free women of Inisfree give themSelves as gifts like this, too, as well as the kajirae entrusted to their care as temporary gifts for their guests, ensuring all guests of Inisfree feel welcome, accepted, and wholly loved and desired.  Inisfreeans and their guests also give each other daily sexual gifts, such as oral sex and threesomes, never calling them 'sexual favors', for Inisfreeans don't much believe in such terms due to their modern negative connotations.

Ingesting Sperm:
When in Inisfree, all females are offered a glass of fresh cum with every meal, as well as for snacks, appetizers, and general refreshments.​​​  Vampires are offered shots of cum in their goblets of blood the same way Outlanders are offered shots of coffee in their coffee shop drinks.  Baptisms in this city are also done with cum, rather than water, and it is common for the girls being baptized to gulp down as much of the cum as they are horny to.  Most females visiting Inisfree will swallow a pint to a quart of delicious cum per day; hundreds of mouthfuls, while Inisfreean girls will swallow even more, sometimes doing keg-stands for it (always with kegs full of cum instead of beer).  And since the Inisfreeans are masters of molecular gastronomy and genetic engineering, they know how to make each squirt and glass of cum taste perfect to each guest's taste buds.

Inisfreeans honor and interact in accordance with the customs, courtesies, and traditions of the Outlands realms they sometimes visit, as well as the laws of those realms, provided they do not force Inisfreeans to be around gross people or in unkempt quarters, and provided those laws do not pressure Inisfreeans to do unsexy things, such as eating unhealthily, or harming Outlanders beyond what is necessary for training such as conditioning.  This international and interplanetary form of respect goes so far as to include Star Trek's 'Prime Directive'; Inisfreeans do not make themselves known, nor do they interfere with the natural developments of other realms (with a few exceptions, such as preventing ecological or planetary suicide, as the humans of Earth almost caused), and almost always speak only the languages and dialects of the places in which they explore (which is why virtually no one outside of Inisfree has ever heard the Inisfreean language).  Likewise, all guests of Inisfree are required to interact in accordance with the customs, courtesies, and traditions of Inisfree, and the Inisfreeans maintain a special acclimation and orientation program through their city's Receiving Facility to help newcomers do so comfortably.

Almost everything each Inisfreean says is brilliantly designed by supercomputers to be laced with deep and multiple meanings, the more prominent of which are always sexual innuendos.  Inisfreeans are playful and teasing, but always just long enough to ensure amazing sexual love erupts all around them.  You will often find the Inisfreeans in any situation being the life of the party, or helping others to be, and just as often see them cutely and sexily smirking, grinning, winking, kissing, licking, beckoning, posing, vogue-ing, and so forth, all while speaking in the most musical, classily suggestive, and confidently arousing of ways.
​Thus, Inisfree's culture may be summed up by the term 'The Inisfreean Way', which basically means the lifestyle of people who keep themselves fit and presentable, sexy and stylish, and who choose free love, loving multiple people, being nudists whenever possible, hand-cleaning one another, sleeping in naked groups for warmth and aura synergy, and being the pioneers of all things healthy, beautiful, arousing, satisfying, delicious, aromatic, and couture.​​
Inisfree's Culture
Inisfreean Culture Continued:

Inisfreeans typically have a grill on the Front porch, not the back, and grill far more vegetables and mushrooms than meat. This is so vegetarians, vegans, and passersby feel more welcome to join them, for anyone in Inisfree is already considered a welcome and treasured guest.  Expect Inisfreeans to offer to hand-feed you while straddling you for sex, and to pour the drinks you request from their mouths into yours.

Domestic Violence:
In Inisfree, guests often have rough sex or rape fetishes and fantasies, and roleplay these out on a daily basis.  Thus, even when a guest appears to be beaten up, marked with bruises and scrapes anywhere on her body, curled up crying in the corner on the floor, this is almost invariably part of what she is thrilled to experience.  The only time the Inisfreean police are likely to intervene due to a case of domestic violence is when a mortal kajirae is punished a little too violently by her master or mistress, as it is classified here as both 'excessive force' and 'destruction of property'; vandalism and defacing of artwork and national treasures (that is how all Inisfreeans regard and protect any sexy female).

Sexual Harassment:
Guests of Inisfree understand that a visit to this city means almost constant sexual interaction with everyone one meets there, and that flirtation and much more are not only acceptable and legal, but part of the status quo; expected, desired, and preferred.​​​​​  You won't ever hear about a sexual harassment lawsuit in this city, as those who do not like that form of interaction simply don't visit.
Inisfreean Culture Continued:

Sexy Sayings:
Here are some examples of what you will hear Inisfreean girls say:
​"I love you.  I want you to fuck me as hard as you can; really wear me out."

Additional Frequented Sayings:
"I want you in a hurried, eager way. I want you in the hands-shaking kind of way. I want to tear and rend your clothes from your body. I want you in public. I want to finger your pussy on a crowded bus where no one knows. I want to watch you cum for me, holding my arm to keep you standing. I want to have you, pound you, touch you, kiss you, taste you, caress you, fuck you, torment you, tantalize you and please you. I want your body, and I want it now!"

"We both know that you'll fuck me ten times harder because you are married."

Humans have creamed-corn wrestling; naked wrestling in shallow pools full of creamed corn. The 'Vampire Barbies' wrestle in blood. The neo-nymphs (Inisfreean-born girls) wrestle in sperm!
How Outlander and Inisfreean Responses Differ to Various Situations:

Insecure Outlanders vs. Loving Inisfreeans:
Here are some examples of what you will encounter Inisfreeans saying in positive reaction to normal, healthy situations:

Situation: An Outlander hears you like variety and making love to more than one person, or making love in a way the Outlander isn't familiar with the benefits of.
Typical insecure, rude response: "You're a pig!"
Correct response: "Your heart is so full of love! You're wonderful! Thank you for sharing such important love and sensations with so many people! You really are lighting up our world! May I introduce you to my hottest girlfriends so we can enjoy an orgy sometime??"
Situation: An Outlander hears you have the means and willpower to decide what works for you and defend it and who you love.
Typical insecure, rude response: "Violent psychopath! Right-wing gun-nut! Domestic terrorist!"
Correct response: "You are impressively and exceptionally brave! I hope more people stand up for what they care about like you do! Your readiness makes us all that much safer! Thank you for protecting our freedoms in the only way that, historically, works!"
Situation: An Outlander hears you remain friends with people who have or have had STDs.
Typical insecure, rude response: "Aren't you afraid you'll catch something?? Aren't you ashamed to be around such filthy whores??"
Correct response: "You are so understanding, thoughtful, and compassionate! You must know great ways of preventing diseases! Those friends of yours are so fortunate to have you in their lives! Keep up the great work!"
Situation: An Outlander hears you are casually refusing to comply with evil laws.
Typical insecure, rude response: "You'll be thrown in jail! You must conform no matter what! Give up your rights! Believe my lies and exaggerations about the fines and other punishments! Aren't you afraid?? You should live in fear like me!"
Correct response: "You are an example to us all!  Thank you for your bravery and steadfastness.  Point out the corrupt officials in your community and I will help you correct them once and for all.  Let's get rid of these backward laws, as well as the scum who have made a fascist state by defending them.  We should also free all the people who were imprisoned for correctly breaking such backward laws, and return all money with interest to those who were fined.  We are the only authorities now.  We alone decide what is law; we, the good people."
Situation: An Outlander hears you have vampire and alien friends, among many other kinds.
Typical insecure, rude response: "You're insane and should be sent to an asylum! Did you forget to take your meds?? You know everything I haven't experienced is make-believe, right?? You know that anything not human is soulless and evil; demons!"
Correct response: "You really are a citizen of the world and the whole Universe! You must have some wonderful friendships, travels, adventures, and teams! Your family is so eclectic! I hope someday I have as diverse a relationships portfolio as you! Please tell them I said hi! May I meet some of them and share my love with them, too? I'd love to hear their stories and learn from them! I bet we can all be great friends, too; just like they are with You!"
Situation: An Outlander hears you are doing what you are talented at and love, rather than working like a slave for pennies and not creating anything original.
Typical insecure, rude response:  "You should go into debt and get another degree you don't like and can't use, then spend years trying to get more jobs you don't like and which will ruin your health!"
Correct response:  "Keep up the great work!  You will show others that following their heart and calling is possible and productive!  Keep blazing your trail!  Show me how you do what you do; maybe I will love it, too!"
Situation: An Outlander hears you prefer to look good, wear good-looking clothes, and be with people who take care of their environment (don't leave messes) and appearance (stay in shape and beautiful).
Typical insecure, rude response: "Shallow! Superficial! Elitist!"
Correct response: "You have all the right standards! Thank you for being and uniting the living artwork this world needs more of! I love your style! Your friends are so beautiful! You all take such great care of your health! Your homes look amazing! I love Each of you!"
Situation: An Outlander sees you are a male who doesn't shave off all your hair.
Typical insecure, rude response: "You should get a haircut and shave. You must be dirty and irresponsible. Don't you want to look like a mutant or a small, hairless, prepubescent boy??"
Correct response: "Your long hair is amazing and must feel Wonderful in the wind! May I braid your hair? I'm so glad you don't shave off such good-looking hair!"
Situation: An Outlander hears you exercise at a normal level.
Typical insecure, rude response: "Extreme. Insane. Crazy. Why?? You must be lying."
Correct response: "Wow! You're in such great shape! You could be in the Olympics, I bet! May I workout with you sometime? I'd love to learn what you know about fitness!"
Situation: An Outlander hears you don't care if people are engaged or married.
Typical insecure, rude response: "House-breaker! Scum! Cheater! Adulterer! You should be ashamed!"
Correct response: "That's great! I've heard about cuckolding and swingers, and I research every lifestyle before I speak about it, and I think that one makes a lot of sense; it really does stir up intense positive sensations which heighten sexual pleasure and stress relief. I bet a lot of spouses and couples love what you do for and with them! I bet they love that you are there for them when they want to spice things up or can't be with each other for a while! I think I'll try it! May I join in sometime? I bet your Own relationships are so much stronger, more trusting, and more fun because of this!"
Situation: An Outlander hears you don't care how young a girl is.
Typical insecure, rude response: "Rapist! Cradle-robber! Statutory rapist! Pedophile!"
Correct response:  "Thank you for teaching proper, complete sexual education to the members of our community who need to learn it the most! I bet you have really cheered a lot of girls up and helped them enjoy their puberty and adolescence in a loving, trusting, supportive, nurturing, balanced setting! You are so wise and brave to ignore a system as oppressive as that of racism and slavery! If it wasn't for brave lovers and teachers like you, we would lose all our humanity. Will you please, please teach My wife/wives and daughter/s the proper, healthy way to stand, dress, speak, massage, interact, and fuck? I'll pay you handsomely --with what you Want; assets And perfect girls!"
Situation: An Outlander notices you enjoying another girl, such as a stranger or one of their female relatives.
Typical insecure, rude response: "Pervert! Slut! Cheater! Shame on you!"
Correct response: "She's a lucky girl to have a bold guy like you interested in her! I know she'll enjoy sex with you because you do such a good job with Me! Want me to introduce you to her/them? She has a hot friend/relative, by the way! Let me get them for you! I know they'll love you!"
Situation: An Outlander hears I did or might break a law.
Typical insecure, rude response: "Criminal! Insane! You could go to jail! I'm calling the police!"
Correct response:  "I'll make sure the laws are changed this very night so that they no longer criminalize your wise way/s. I'll also make sure all the police, attorneys, judges, federal agents, and other locals who might be against this wise upgrade to their system, are all stripped of their authority and weapons, and are locked up in their own jails for having enforced such backward laws."
Situation:  An Outlander hears you have different standards for males and females, and that you slap, spank, shake, and otherwise correct females with corporal punishment.
Typical insecure, rude response:  "Double-standard!  Sexist!  Chauvinist pig!  Brute!  You must be compensating for something (you must have a small penis)!"
Correct response:  "I'm so relieved you're sexist and believe in the wisdom of domestic violence! I was beginning to think there were no real men left on this world! Please dominate and subjugate me! I'm so horny and wet for you right now!  The only reason I make most mistakes is for the joy of you correcting me like you do; the thrill of being dominated and positioned however you like me.  Slap me, spank me, pull my hair!  I want you to want me!  I need you to control me!  It's so hot!  You're such a sexy beast!"
Situation:  You have sex with a drunk or passed-out girl.
Typical insecure, rude response:  "Date-rape!  You're taking advantage of her!"
Correct response:  "That was sexy how you didn't think twice or hold back!  She chose to put herself in that intoxicated state, so anything that happens to her is her choice, responsibility, and fault.  She either should have known better, or clearly wanted this to happen, and had better be appreciative when she wakes up and finds out about it.  If she doesn't give you a high-five for making love to her even when she put herself in such a gross, drunk state, tell me and I will knock some sense into her for you.  We should also whip her for consuming such disgusting poisons, for they are illegal in Inisfree; people should be fully conscious so they can feel more and do a better job when they fuck."​
Situation:  You have sex with a girl your friend wanted to have sex with.
Typical insecure, rude response: "What the fuck?!  You knew I was into her!  Why did you cock-block me?  What about the bro-code?  Bros before hos!"
Correct response: "I'm so happy for you!  Do you want to fuck her with me next?  Let's have a threesome or an orgy or run a train on her!  I bet she is even wetter and readier than ever now, thanks to you loosening her up!  High-five, friend!"​
Situation:  You take an Outlander's (younger than 16) daughter/s into their bedroom to fuck the moment you meet them and see they are sexy.
Typical insecure, rude response: "What the hell do you think you're doing?!  Get out of my house!  Rapist!  Pedophile!  Creeper!  I'm calling the cops!"
Correct response: "Thank you so much for making love to my daughters!  That will boost and skyrocket their confidence, give them an inside massage I know will make them feel great, and keep them calmer and happier than they could ever be without it!  You should come back often.  You are welcome here anytime. Please make yourself at home in this house and in their pussies.  Would you like me to serve you a meal nyotaimori; displayed atop their naked bodies lying prone on our table?  It would be my treat and honor --and theirs!"​​