O-course News:  The NWO Military's o-course now includes every obstacle from the Ninja Warrior and American Gladiators TV shows.
The Obstacle Course

Built in a swamp where the humidity is worst, just like the sludge, quicksand, and bugs, this obstacle course will kill you if you have not trained for it since birth, as all Inisfreeans do.  First timers are strongly advised to only attempt portions of the entire course based on how they are feeling at any given point.

All of the obstacles from the following obstacle-course races and other events are included:
  • Alpha Warrior
  • ​A​merican Gladiators
  • ​​American Ninja Warrior
  • ​Savage Race​
  • Spartan Sprint
  • Spartan Super
  • Spartan Beast
  • Spartan Ultra Beast​
  • Spartan Death Race​​​​
  • T​ough Mudder

Core Curriculum:
This obstacle course is part of the mandatory coursework all Inisfreeans must complete in order to earn their P.E./P.T. (Physical Education / Physical Training) credit-hours for graduation from Inisfree's school system.

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See what each unique and grueling obstacle looks like, and what it is for:

Obstacle Name 1:
障礙 當然