Tumbler Stations News:  The Tumbler from Batman Begins has been retrofitted for mass-production as Inisfree's standard squad car.
Tumbler Stations
The Tumbler Stations

These are Inisfree's police stations, and are called such because they house not traditional automobiles (cars and suburbans, for example) which Outlander police departments make use of for their squad-cars and supervisor vehicles, but the Tumbler vehicle featured in the Batman Begins film.

Each Tumbler station across Inisfree serves as both a police motor-pool and jail; people detained in Inisfree are first taken to a holding cell in the nearest jail (Tumbler station), and are then processed, determining if they will be released, held in that jail cell a bit longer, or transferred to Inisfree's subterranean prison deep beneath the higher of its two military desert plateaus.

Outward Appearances:
Inisfreean Tumblers are used entirely by the Inisfreean police force, and are painted with the same body-panels pattern as Outlander police squad-cars, but in the colors of Navy (deep) blue and marshmallow-white.
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