Subterranean Prison News:  This facility now regularly houses kajirae for non-punitive purposes.
Subterranean Prison
The Subterranean Prison

Purposing and Utilization:
The subterranean prison is seldom used for prisoners; Inisfreeans almost never take prisoners, nor do they ever need to bargain with or via such. Instead, Inisfreeans take slaves which they keep and train to become concubines; 'advanced fluffers', as it were. Those who are not useful as such (as kajiras; sex slaves) may be absorbed for fuel, and always by choice (the will of the Inisfreeans), as Inisfreeans don't need fuel, either; absorbing anything for conversion into fuel of one sort or another is a matter of entertainment and shock-&-awe.

​Rarely, Inisfreeans can and do hold noble-borns in this prison facility for ransom -or to pressure Outlanders to release or better treat other Outlanders who have come into the favor of the Inisfreeans. Kidnapped noble-borns are also exchanged for their most valuable leaders, minds (scientists), or children, et cetera; Inisfreeans are a major part of the intergalactic and inter-dimensional slave-trades, heavily involved in human-trafficking (and humanoid trafficking, to include countless alien species, races, and experiments), although, of course, it is of note that almost all of those being trafficked by the Inisfreeans want to be slaves and bargaining chips; it is a matter of extremely great and rarest pride of accomplishment and belonging amongst them, for Inisfreeans are the pickiest, most selective of all the beings in Creation.

​However, Inisfreeans do keep Outlanders here in this prison who haven't had time to learn the ways of Inisfree. Very special Outlanders may request political asylum as expatriots and refugees here. In the interests of mutual preservation (such that the Inisfreeans do not get grossed out, and their Outlander guests do not get overwhelmed by how different and amazingly loving and open all Inisfreeans are), those who have not had many years of rigorous study to understand and adapt to the many signatures of Inisfreean daily life... remain imprisoned, though not as criminal offenders; this is biological and psychological compartmentalization.

​Offending slaves are just flash-cloned; their originals de-atomized for fuel, never being imprisoned. Those slaves who have graduated A.D.O. to become Fleet Concubines (the assistants of Inisfreean Master Females on deployment in the Outer Space of the Outlands), and who have then been offensive to an Inisfreean, may also just be jettisoned out airlocks into Space.

​Guests and residents who violate Inisfreean law are usually just banished beyond the Perimeter Wall, either to fend for themselves in whatever realm lies beyond Inisfree's Perimeter Orb just past its Sentry Towers, or with a one-way flight or teleportation portal 'ticket' back from whence they originally came.

​As for those born in Inisfree, they never get detained, for they are incapable of offense; all extensions of the Governor's essence and will, they are hard-wired down to every particle in their bodies to desire and function only in all the ways which are pleasing to him. Another way to explain it is that every Inisfreean citizen is an engineered, perfected variant of an Outlander base-model, instantly sung (harmonically flash-cloned) into existence in batches (like identical twins, but in groups of 50 instead of 2), and could no more break any Inisfreean law than the same person could decide to simultaneously move in opposite directions, suddenly turn inside out, or break the speed of light. Therefore, it is only fitting that only Inisfreean-born people make up the entire Inisfreean police force; those who operate from Inisfree's police stations, driving around in the Repulsine-augmented Tumbler-style squad cars, from which all police investigations and arrests are made (*and when there is not enough room in a Tumbler for detainees or prisoners, teleportation, White Rhinos, MPHAs, or other Inisfreean transportation methods can easily be used).

Cell Doors:
All ICs (Inisfreean Constructs, not just clones) are composed of Inisfree's unique, special, one-molecule, SRC-'cells', which are a smaller version of the DNA double-helix, but functioning as the microscopic and unforgeable ID for all things Inisfreean. Everything built by and for Inisfree is completely composed of these 'cells', and this is what allows all doors and other hatches to be 'smart', selective, semi-permeable membranes, never having to open, close, unlock, lock, de-pressurize, or re-pressurize; these 'cells' instantly identify what is Inisfreean (and therefore what is incorruptible, impossible to contaminate or carry contagions, and permissible for free passage through all areas) and what is not, automatically requiring the will of an Inisfreean (and, thereby, the will of the Governor), usually paired with physical contact, such as holding hands, to authorize and make passage through any given hatch physically possible for the non-Inisfreean matter. This approach to security means that everything is in a constant state of identification, classification, monitoring, and channeling, and that all Prison Facility and Quarantine Facility doors can remain shut; Inisfreeans merely guide the non-Inisfreeans through the solid walls blocking what would be open walkways, let go of the non-Inisfreeans, and then they are stuck inside until another Inisfreean removes them via the same method. Breathable air is manufactured in Inisfree, making it Inisfreean, and passes through one-way vents (also semi-permeable 'smart'-membranes) which cannot be traversed with devices such as C.I.A. robot bugs, for they are both too small and solid walls just like the doors. Also, breathable air can be created by each of the prison's rooms, as well as by each of the Quarantine Facility's rooms, for all of them are stand-alone units based on C.D.C. chamber designs for sealed-off, isolated, long-term, nearly indefinite work.

Even science on the level of magic cannot override these doors and other hatches, such as to make them passable or open; only the will of the Governor, as channeled through his authorized Inisfreeans, can execute such commands. Also, the Inisfreean 'cells' which make up all things Inisfreean cannot be forged or used as counterfeits, for they are far too small and complex, and because each one must be approved by the Grid Mind -also, as always, as per the Governor's will. All of the 'cell's that make up the Inisfreean empire are accounted for, just as are all the hairs on each Inisfreean's head; total accountability at all times, no matter what. Being a collective consciousness community of living supercomputers, this is a very easy task.

The Great Masquerade:
Guards will often execute sequences of events that convince the prisoners they have a chance of escaping, then clandestinely monitor them all the way to the point of perceived-escape, at which point the prisoners' memories will usually be modified or wiped to allow for equally convincing, successive scenarios and natural efforts.

From 2013 to 2517, Inisfree has taken no prisoners of any kind, so the only people imprisoned here are kajirae; slave girls.

[Blocks] Directory

Each 'cell block' in Inisfree's prison is a 9x9 cluster of cylindrical prisms called 'silos', and this is their breakdown by level, block, tower, and wing:

Top level of the prison:
17x17 dots on the city map = 289 silo clusters (cell blocks), which = 2,601 silos (cell towers).
Each tower (silo) has 80 wings; Conex box annexes, which are arranged 8 per level, each silo having 10 levels.
Each wing (Conex box) measures 20'x8'x8', and has 4 cells; 2 in front, 2 in back, with a narrow walkway (2' wide) in the middle.
Thus, each wing has 4 cells, each tower (silo) has 320 cells, each block (cluster of 9 silos) has 2,880 cells, and this whole prison has 832,320 cells.
Each cell measures 10'x3'x8', is a cage of bars (never far apart enough to squeeze between) and houses 4 girls; just enough room for them to sleep on the floor, collars bolted to metal loops fused with the wall, with some of their limbs touching or overlapping; 2.5'x3' of floor-space per girl; 7.5sqft., or a 5'x1.5' area if they stretch out.
(And that is plenty of room because the girls sleep with their heads between the feet of the adjacent girl.)
So this prison can hold 3,329,280 girls.

Bottom level of the prison:
Just as many clusters and silos; 289 & 2,601, but these are for the solitary confinement chambers, which are smaller than cells; just big enough for one girl, and shaped so that the girl must remain sitting up.
Thus, there are four times as many here as there are cells in the top level of this prison; 3,329,280 solitary confinement chambers; enough so that a fully populated prison here can be entirely in solitary confinement; everyone at the same time.

If every cell and solitary confinement chamber in this prison is filled, its maximum possible population doubles to 6,658,560 girls, and that's still leaving all of its silos empty; only housing girls in the wings (Conex boxes) attached to those silos.

The Governor has about 333,300 Outlander girls as his slaves, leaving 6,325,260 spaces (cells and solitary confinement chambers) open even during total incarceration of his slave population.

Levels spacing:
Lastly, there is one foot of space between the two levels of this prison, as it occupies a vertical area of 3 pixels on the city map, which = 198', and each silo is 10 stories tall; 100', resulting in 201' of vertical space being used for this prison, resulting in the top level's silos' top floors' ceilings being 1.5' above the blue line on that map, and the bottom level's silos' bottom floors' floors being 1.5' below the blue line on that map.

Cell Block Assignments:
(for both levels, which are kept paired; girls housed in Top Level Cell Block 1 spend their solitary confinement hours in Bottom Level Cell Block 1)
  • Cell Blocks 1-17: girls sentenced to one week in this facility
  • Cell Blocks 18-34: girls sentenced to two weeks
  • Cell Blocks 35-51: girls sentenced to 3 weeks
  • Cell Blocks 52-68: girls sentenced to 1 month (28 days; Inisfreean months)
  • Cell Blocks 69-85: girls sentenced to 5 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 86-102: 6 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 103-119: 7 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 120-136: 2 mos.
  • Cell Blocks 137-153: 9 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 154-170: 10 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 171-187: 11 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 188-204: 1 season
  • Cell Blocks 205-221: 13 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 222-238: 14 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 239-255: 15 wks.
  • Cell Blocks 256-272: 4 mos.
  • Cell Blocks 273-289: girls sentenced to longer than 1/3 of a year
地下 監獄
Further Details; Daily Life, Incarcerated

One of the many wise and timeless sayings of the planet Gor is that "It is, upon occasion, good for a girl to find herself naked and behind bars." It feels good for her, as her gender is one that wants to be made to submit, and it feels good for her natural masters, as they enjoy dominating with ease, and prison cells afford them both (both genders) this. Thus, all females not born in Inisfree are given routine prison sentences ranging, based on how exceptional their pleasure slave performance is, from a week to as much as a season. Females sent to this prison are also routinely given corporal punishment; they are beaten, caned, choked, whipped, and otherwise humiliated, as no female feels fully appreciated and prized if she is not frequently and wholeheartedly punished back into total focus and understanding. To females, punishments equal attention, a plan for them, and, thereby, love. And so it is that these Inisfreean prison sentences remind girls, who feel more than think, as is the nature of their sex (and that is a good thing; not a bad thing), that they are owned completely, and that even prison sentences must be accepted with grace, if they are to be deemed attractive enough to be kept --and kept alive-- and that an actual punishment would be far, far worse than routine prison, almost unimaginable to them, and something to be avoided, even for the females who like the spice of a little pain and degradation. In short, sexism is natural and healthy; not in the sense that one sex looks down on the other, but that the sexes are segregated based on the reality of their talents and shortcomings. To fail to incorporate this into one's society is to sew the seeds of countless ailments all stemming from stress from not being naturally dominant males and naturally submissive females. Such is simply the way that humans feel good, heal, and grow strongest and smartest. All else is delusion.

All wardens and other prison personnel in Inisfree are Master Females, and as this prison is part of the city's military region, this prison is also referred to as 'the brig'.

Inisfreean police-women drive or fly to any residence whose master has scheduled a slave girl for time in Inisfree's prison system. These Inisfreean police, always behaving professionally and handling each slave girl with care and firmness, take the designated slave girl, ensuring she is stripped nude except for her slave collar, marching her by a leash attached to both a temporary choke collar and her slave collar, as well as with a fistful of her hair, out of her master's estate to the side of their police vehicle (Inisfree's version of the Tumbler from the Batman films) where she is instructed through a series of positions allowing them the most efficient control of her body as they conduct a hair and cavities search, hand-cuff her (with her hands behind her back), ankle-cuff her, blindfold her (locking an opaque hood down over her head and around her neck), and sit her in the backseat of their police vehicle, never once reading her any rights, as is usually the case with police in the Outlands, for slaves have no rights other than the temporary rights they are sometimes given by their masters. A five-point safety-harness is secured around her torso (Inisfree's version of the seatbelt), and the passenger door through which she was placed into this backseat then automatically closes and locks itself, sealing the slave girl in the padded cage which is the backseat of each police vehicle in this city. Virtually indestructible, it is impossible for such slaves to break out. If they put up a fight, they are shocked with a slave goad (like a taser, electric stun gun, or cattle prod), as is the case on the planet Gor. If they make noise while they are being driven to the prison, they are yanked out of the backseat and beaten brutally, then thrown back in --as many times as is needed to silence them. Once they reach the prison, no slave girl ever being able to see the route to this facility (further ensuring each girl feels lost and helpless in this process; feeling that escape is hopeless), the police take the slave girl they have driven here out of their vehicle's backseat, handing her over to the Inisfreean guards at the prison gates. These gates are in an underground chamber much like a vault, fully lit from all angles, with dozens of Inisfreean warriors manning it, and there are always at least two sets of Inisfreean hands on the slave girl being processed in, making it pointless to attempt to flee. With this hand-over completed, the police drive their vehicle back out, resuming their patrol route, and the Inisfreean guards take the slave girl deeper into the vault-like chambers of this prison, eventually handing her over to a few of its wardens. By the time she makes it to this point, it is probable that every single one of these police, guards, and wardens have used her very thoroughly; with the roughest sex imaginable... right up until the point she cries out in pain, fear, and total submission, too scared to even beg for it to stop. This is not part of her punishment as a prisoner, though; it is a gift to her for cooperating up until this point; one last sexual experience before her monk-like existence as a prisoner somewhere in Inisfree begins... and lasts, uncompromisingly, for a period of time unbeknownst to her. For her to escape, she would have to find a solution to the teleportation jamming fields, the tracking device which doubles as her slave collar, the fact that her entire brain's and body's signatures are also being constantly used to pinpoint her location, the fact that all Inisfreean tunnels and vehicles are artificial intelligences linked into the network keeping her imprisoned for the amount of time scheduled by her master, the fact that all her wardens and guards are superhuman, and the fact that she is more than one third of a mile underground, and in a facility that is not connected in any way to service tunnels, caves, or rock which she can dig through. In other words, once she is transported in, she won't be able to achieve transport out --without permission.

Drinks and Meals:
All Inisfreean prison inmates are females, and all females in this prison must gather water and food for everyone. No female in this prison may gather water or food for herself. All water comes from the fire hoses always controlled by the wardens (Master Females), so each prisoner must carry two buckets back and forth to be filled by those wardens via their fire hoses until the return trips of her and the rest of her cell-mates have been enough to fill up the water troughs in the public areas of their cell blocks. All food is a gruel-like slop, almost a stew, which is brought into the cell blocks via separate hoses designed just for that, and the same process; carrying buckets from the hose heads to the troughs, is used to fill those feeding devices up prior to each meal. All meals are served in feeding troughs identical to what pigs would eat out of. All drinks are served in drinking troughs identical to what horses would drink out of. Individual meals, such as for those in solitary confinement, are served in feeding bags identical to the muzzle-like kind strapped onto horses' heads when they eat in that way. All eating and drinking must be done with the mouth only; no utensils or use of hands is permitted under any circumstances. No prisoners here are permitted to ration or save food or drinks, and must never have either in their cells. Offenders may be denied up to two of their three meals a day, though this punishment seldom lasts for more than one week. Those who refuse the assigned food and drinks are force fed and dunked in the drinking troughs until they cough and panic. There are three meals each day, and this is the only time our prisoners are allowed to eat or drink. Each meal period is allowed to take up to half an hour, though all females here are typically hurried through this process in five minutes or fewer. All the food is cold, and all the water is lukewarm, and all sauces, seasonings, spices, and ice are nowhere to be found in this prison. Also, all girls during feeding and watering time are locked in place by their slave collars to their assigned kneeling spots up along the front of their assigned trough, and their ankles are cuffed together, and their wrists are cuffed together behind their backs; this prevents food fights and the attempted stealing of other's portions from the troughs. Girls who have been performing well will sometimes be rewarded by being raped (double or triple penetrated) by nearby or passing wardens (Master Females) while they eat and drink from these troughs they are locked into kneeling position before. To conclude each meal, the troughs are sprayed out by the wardens wielding their fire hoses again, and the girls imprisoned here are kept kneeling with their collars locked right up to the edge of their feeding and drinking troughs until the hosing down is finished, ensuring that they all get splattered with it all the whole time (which they will clean up later during mandatory hygiene and cleaning time).

Physical exercise consists of forced gymnastics, forced jogging, and forced time hog-tied and immobilized in a glory hole (a container barely spacious enough for one girl to fit in, with a hole in front of her mouth and apex such that, while kept bent over in this container, all who pass by and wish to make use of any or all of her three main holes may have no obstructions or resistance of any kind). Swimming is not permitted, as it feels too good, refreshing, and calming to a girl, and when the girls in this prison are commanded to do, and directed in doing, gymnastics and jogging, it is always in formations; rectangular groups of their fellow inmates, and always under precise harassment by their wardens (Master Females) wielding stinging bamboo swords, fire hoses, buckets of sand, and 'switches' (a switch, in this case, is a lead marble fastened into a leather strap for beating someone with). This approach to physical fitness keeps the girls alert, aware, obedient, and sinuous. All females in this prison spend a mandatory two hours every day involved in this form of recess, and there are no exceptions; no holidays, religious observances, sick days, or weekends.

Study Hall:
Mental exercise consists of forced practice of all things taught to the absolute best female pleasure slaves of the planet Gor; every subject and technique a girl will ever need to be beautiful, graceful, seductive, and sensationally sexy in all ways and at all times, even if all she is doing is walking through a doorway, offering to refill a goblet, or kneeling with proper posture and silence. All periods of study are spread out amongst even intervals of physical exercise to keep the girls' blood pumping and their whole beings vital and active, for it is very clear that an active, mobile girl is a quicker learner and sharper student, and always possessing the much sexier emotion and attitude of positivity and readiness. All females in this prison spend a mandatory eight hours every day studying all subjects deemed necessary for satisfactory kajirae work. Also, during study time, unless they are being taught the various dances of the female pleasure slaves, all prisoners remain locked in place by the backs of their slave collars to the nearest metal rings fused into the walls and floors.

Solitary Confinement:
Though this is a punishment in Outlander prisons, it is a mandatory part of each day in the Inisfreean prison. It is a more regimented and monitored form of meditation here, and all females who pass through our prison system in Inisfree must don a straitjacket, locked hood (an opaque bag sealed around the neck), ankle-cuffs, and a penis-shaped ball-gag fastened by leather straps about the neck and head like a muzzle, keeping each girl in solitary confinement in this facility accustomed to deepthroating with no possible way of resisting or taking a break from it (and this dildo-gag is worn under the locked hood). Prisoners are also forbidden to arouse themselves at this time. They must remain perfectly silent and still, and if a girl appears to be napping or masturbating, she will be beaten and thrown around her solitary confinement cell. The end of each day's solitary confinement time period is signaled by fire hoses being used to knock each hooded, cuffed, and jacketed girl to the back of her cell, where she must struggle to her feet or be subjected to a never-ending assault from this frigid and painfully strong flow of water. Girls who try to go numb or shut down quickly learn that they always become overwhelmed with frustration and then anger, leaving them helpless but to involuntarily force themselves to their feet, standing upright at the position of attention in order to earn an end to the fire hoses' assaults. Girls who don't perform satisfactorily during any solitary confinement period may be kept hooded, cuffed, and jacketed like this for the following 24-hour period; yes, they must even sleep with the dildo-gag kept on as their muzzle inside the locked hood, but many girls here learn to love this like a pacifier. Every solitary confinement period lasts a mandatory two hours. This is one of the best ways for girls here to get ready for bed.

All females sent to this prison are required to sleep at their assigned times, and are expected to sleep for six hours every night. The exception is that mandatory fire-watch (the duty of standing guard to be the first to notice, report, and respond to fires or other problems while others are sleeping) is stood in two-hour shifts throughout each night, and supercomputers ensure that every single prisoner stands the same amount of fire-watch --even if they are a bit wounded from any event in this prison system. The wardens of this facility supervise each fire-watch change-over, ensuring that no prisoner here ever holds the unlocking device for the slave collars (which is required to free a prisoner from her cell for fire-watch), and ensuring that no girl is ever late for relieving the girls on fire-watch before her shift. Each girl who has performed her duties as a prisoner well... gets to sleep with up to three other female prisoners in her cell, though never of any of their choosing; their cell-mates are selected and rotated out for them. Also, during sleep time, all prisoners are locked to their assigned spots on the concrete floor (and its sparse covering of old straw) by a bolt holding the back of their slave collars to a heavy metal loop just a few inches from where the walls meet the floors.

All prisoners are required to shower twice each day, and they must shower in assigned groups of at least two dozen girls, always supervised, preventing ambushes by gangs during these times. Their slave collars remain on during showering, forcing them to strain to wash around and under those collars, and each prisoner is paired up with the other prisoner she is most at odds with. This keeps the girls who hate each other more than anyone else... chain-linked together by the backs of their slave collars. When one errs, both are beaten. When one tries to blackmail or frame the other, the one who would have been the victim gets to beat the one who made the plan or attempt, and Inisfreean wardens (Master Females) stand in a circle around the chain-linked pair to ensure that the one being beaten stands at the position of attention, or remains kneeling with her knees wide open and her eyes straight forward, not resisting in any way at all to the blows of her beating. All this goes on during hygiene time, and the blood from nostrils and lips is easily washed away in the public shower stalls -which are, of course, manned by more Master Females wielding fire hoses (no prisoners in this facility are permitted faucets or showerheads). Also, the only way for these prisoners to wash each other is by hand and tongue, and they are not allowed to wash themselves. Thus, the girls who hate each other the most... must hand-wash and tongue-wash each other clean twice daily, knowing that if they don't do a perfectly thorough job every time, come inspecting time, both of them will be beaten -and likely denied at least one meal and drinking period. Lastly, there are no soaps, shampoos, or conditioners in this facility; just water. Fortunately for the girls imprisoned here, in Inisfree, hair simply cannot tangle.

All prisoners here are required to be nude at all times. The exceptions are the slave collars which must always be on and locked, and the chains, cuffs, gags, and hoods which must sometimes be worn. Even during study hall, even the most revealing of camisks is forbidden; nothing but assigned prisoner bondage devices are allowed as clothing, as anything more would slightly reduce the amount of freezing and other suffering these girls must endure as part of their routine sentences for conditioning here.

Every morning all prisoners are awoken en masse by the same fire hoses that are used to shower them and signal them to the position of attention at the completion of their solitary confinement times. Since all girls imprisoned in this facility sleep with their slave collars bolted to where their sleeping spot's wall meets its floor, they cannot move out of the way of the fire hoses' frigid and beating sprays, so instead they are trained to indicate they are awake and ready for the day by spreading their feet and hands as far apart as possible, exposing their entire bodies to the fire hoses' sprays until their wardens (Master Females) are satisfied. If any one girl fails to do this, all the girls in her cell block continue to get sprayed. With their uniform being nudity, minus their slave collars, they do not even have the luxury of a locked hood to shield their faces from what the fire hoses so mercilessly and tirelessly dish out.

Not to be confused with hygiene time, cleaning time each day consists of tidying up the cell blocks, and all prisoners must participate. Typical cleaning duties include:
  • lying on the floors and low-crawling (moving almost like a snake) to push a brief towel firmly along the floor to collect any dirt, dust, lint, or other unwanted particles
  • refilling the warden's buckets with fresh sand so they will always have plenty nearby to throw at the prisoners for various offenses and failures
  • sweeping, scrubbing, and then mopping every reachable surface in the public and individual parts of the cell blocks, such that 'white glove inspections' (inspections using a white dress-uniform glove to check for the slightest traces of unclean spots and crevices) never result in dirtied glove fingers (and it should be noted that the brooms, brushes, and mops have no poles as handles; they must be pushed along the floor by hand while kneeling or squatting)
  • washing (by hand) all of the mop heads for later use, and hand-picking the brooms clean for later sweeping
  • carrying all dirty water to the shower stalls to be poured down their drains (any girl who spills hers has her entire head dunked in a full bucket of it, and any girl who trips or otherwise messes up another girl on her way to dump dirty water is waterboarded with it)
  • carrying all rubbish bins (trash cans, often full of what was picked and swept up) to the wall ports which they are robotically sealed to (under supervision, of course) in order to empty them without the possibility of any prisoner using this task to escape (and girls who spill their rubbish bins are first sprayed down with a fire hose, then splashed on both sides with buckets of dirty water, and finally dropped into full rubbish bins so that the maximum amount of trash possible sticks to them for the rest of the day)
  • polishing the slave collars so they are always clean and shiny (each girl must polish the slave collar of the girl she is most at odds with, as girls cannot see their own slave collars to accurately polish them)
Almost all females in Inisfree who are not born via the city's cloning facilities are its kajirae; its female pleasure slaves. Thus, they cannot own or have property, as property cannot possess property, in accordance with the Inisfreean Way; Inisfreean law. No prisoners in the Inisfreean prison are allowed any personal effects, such as photos of loved ones or anything else. All they bring with them are their slave collars, and each of those is serialized, scanned, routinely manually checked, and constantly monitored by supercomputers via multiple tracking methods.

Formal examinations of bodies, minds (what they learned during study hall), and living spaces (prison cells) take up the rest of each day's remaining 4.5 hours. Inspections usually last anywhere from one hour to three, and there are at least two formal, mass (group) inspections every day, with surprise inspections at random times in the middle of some nights. Girls here will be failed during an inspection for something as little as a single piece of straw being stuck to them after a hasty reveille, or a single crumb of food being left on the corner of their lips after feeding time. Forgetting a single bit of kajirae knowledge (anything a female pleasure slave is expected to memorize and keep memorized for her entire life) not only results in the failure of an inspection, but having to recite that which was forgotten or answered incorrectly... while remaining in the push-up position while a few wardens simultaneously dump buckets of sand on the forgetful girl, kick her sides, spit on her face, tug her hair, and fingerblast her asshole. Girls who forget multiple pieces of kajirae knowledge, or forget a single piece of kajirae knowledge multiple times, must maintain even more strenuous exercise positions, such as putting their backs up against the sheer, smooth, concrete walls and squatting down as if to sit in a chair, though nothing is beneath them, with wardens all the while harassing and attempting to distract, confuse, and fluster them in all the same ways as previously mentioned. Sometimes forgetful girls will also be ordered to stand on one foot while holding out buckets of water in front of them, or out to their sides, and the moment their arms shake enough to spill a single drop of water from either bucket, they will have to dump and refill them, then start over. Sometimes the wardens will take the buckets from them, dump the rest of the water right down onto the girls' heads, slap them hard, back and forth across both cheeks several times, then have the girls refill them. If any girls cry, or make enough mistakes during any one period throughout any of the days of their sentences, every girl in her cell block will be lined up in a circle, on their hands and knees, with each girl's nose and mouth pressed firmly up against the asshole of the girl in front of her in the circle. At such a point, the inspection will continue until all girls have answered all the questions asked of them, with zero tolerance for any girls who fart, laugh, get aroused, or even accidentally smirk or grin for a second. This gets all of the girls in the proper, healthy mindset of always being ready to answer any question asked of them in the format expected from them, as well as keeping them fully familiarized and comfortable with ass-to-mouth sex, literally, for nothing must phase a slave girl; they must not only have instant, willing obedience to all orders, but also clearly love to do all things commanded of them, as naturally as they blink and breathe.

Using the Bathroom:
In Inisfree, girls must ask to use the toilet-room if they need to use a toilet. A bathroom, in the Inisfreean language, is literal; just a room with a bath(tub). And so it is that in this prison, a part of Inisfree, that girls must ask to use the toilet when they need to defecate or urinate. There are no rooms reserved for toilets or baths here in this prison facility, so what this means is that each prisoner is requesting permission to use a bucket as a toilet, always in the center of the largest public room of her cell block, always in front of all the other cell-mates and wardens passing all around her on their duties and training for the day, and always with a strict time limit in which she must finish getting all of her feces and/or urine out, lest she be beaten for violating her assigned time limit, then made to hold her bladder and/or bowels for longer later on (the next time she needs to use the bucket-toilet). After using this prison form of a toilet, each girl must request further permission; she must request permission to carry it to one of the wall ports which receive and sanitarily process such things. Then she must clean the bucket and return it, as it is the only 'toilet' in the cell block; one toilet-bucket per cell block of dozens of imprisoned Outlander girls. At night, a girl needing to use this 'toilet' must request that the passing fire-watch girl (also a prisoner here) request permission for her from the nearest warden, as all girls not on fire-watch are secured by their slave collars to where the wall meets the floor in their prison cells, making it impossible for them to do so (they are not allowed to telepathically call out to the Inisfreeans while they are prisoners here, as that would be too easy). If she is denied permission, yet is desperate to relieve herself, she may do so on herself; she may soil her sleeping area of sparse straw on concrete, then continue sleeping in it, but she will be beaten for this as soon as it is noticed, and additionally punished later throughout the following day. Fortunately for girls in Inisfree, however, they will rarely if ever need to do what Outlanders call 'using the bathroom', as all Inisfreean foods and drinks are designed to result in very little waste, if any at all.

2300-0500: sleep and fire-watch
0500-0530: reveille and morning hygiene
0530-0600: morning inspection (of bodies, minds, and cells; rooms)
0600-0610: movement to morning chow (breakfast)
0610-0630: morning chow; prisoners are locked by their slave collars to the feeding and drinking troughs
0630-0640: movement to morning exercise
0640-0740: morning exercise
0740-0750: movement to the group showers
0750-0800: group showers
0800-0810: movement to study hall
0810-1210: study hall, first half
1210-1220: movement to afternoon chow (lunch)
1220-1240: afternoon chow​​​​​​​
1240-1250: movement to recess
1250-1450: recess
1450-1500: movement back to study hall​​
1500-1900: study hall, second half​​
1900-1910: movement to evening chow (dinner)
1910-1930: evening chow
1930-1940: movement to solitary confinement
1940-2140: solitary confinement
2140-2150: movement to evening hygiene
2150-2200: evening hygiene
2200-2210: movement to evening inspection
2210-2240: evening inspection​​​​​​​​ (of bodies, minds, and cells; rooms)
2240-2250: movement back to​ cells in preparation for lights-out (bedtime)

Closing Remarks:
Lastly, 100% of the time, it has been found --without a doubt, that girls sentenced to Inisfree's prison discover they love and crave it, many times finding it difficult to reach orgasm or feel love for any masters who do not regularly send them here (which helps further our efforts to repopulate the Earth with a higher percentage of real men and real women at long last). They also find that they tremble as much in arousal and eagerness for the lash of the whip... as they do in fear of it. Furthermore, all girls who have been inmates here learn the deepest love both of and for their masters, realizing that they are sent here because they are loved and treasured, and because their masters understand their natures best; that they need this type of prison sentence in order to feel most alive, understood, and feminine. It is perhaps 100% of Outlander females in Inisfree who daydream, dream, and fantasize consciously about being sent here, wondering when their masters will next send them, and hoping and praying --and masturbating-- that it will be soon; very, very soon. Girls become addicted to it, but in a good way; institutionalized the way they have always secretly, deeply hoped and prayed for, for nothing else could command as much constant attention, scrutiny, and demand of these girls, showing them what they are made of, and giving them a pride, bond, and sense of purpose and community that you just can't find anywhere else. This is why there is another saying (though this one not of Gor, but of the U.S. Marine Corps of Earth); that "All good Marines" (or kajirae, in this case) "go to the brig."