Beach Assault LZ News:  This strip of the beach serves as the amphibious landings training grounds for the Inisfreean military.
Beach Assault Landing Zone
The Beach Assault L-Z

Inisfreeans practice their small-craft beach landings on this section of the city's main lake. Sometimes these beach landings are amphibious assaults, sometimes they are in conventional Naval crafts, and sometimes they are covert and carried out from fancy Oriental barges or other such vessels.  Most of these beach approaches are launched from the Paintball-Parkour Aircraft Carrier on the opposite side of this lake, though some may come from the oil platform (*which is used for SEAL-style training, and does not extract or use oil in any way).

Dimensions & Layout:
This part of Inisfree's largest beach is one mile long and extends inland roughly 3/4 of a mile. The first half mile from shore to innermost boundary is a sandy beach, while the remaining 1/4 of a mile is the jungle after the treeline.  At the edge of the beach, and extending out a few hundred meters in some places, are giant, towering boulders and other rock formations designed to make navigation a bit trickier, as well as to offer optional cover and concealment for insertions and extractions.

Special Features:
The amount and height of waves, as well as the clearness or murkiness of the water here can be controlled for the various training evolutions, teaching beach landing personnel how to cleverly operate under a variety of offshore and shoreline conditions.

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