Devil's Tower II News:  This land-form now has a hollow core with a pond at its bottom.
Devil's Tower II
Devil's Tower II

Modeled after its namesake land-form from Wyoming, this Inisfreean construct is more than twice as high, and much wider about its base.  Designed and built to look like a volcanic core exposed over millions of years of erosion (which was the cause of its namesake's formation), it is scaled up to allow for much more outdoor rock-climbing, summit camping, and B.A.S.E.-jumping.

Dimensions & Layout:
This construct stands half a mile tall (2,640') and has a base with a diameter of nearly 1.25 miles (6,600').  Its center, unlike its namesake's, is a hollow core measuring all the way from its summit to base, with an even diameter of 1,386' all the way down.

Special Features:
Some rock climbers enjoy setting up hanging tents anchored and bolted into the sheer walls of the hollow core of this artificial land-form, camping and sleeping as high up as half a mile above the ground; just below the inside lip of its summit.