Submarine Lounges News:  Floating cafe-bar-lounges along Inisfree's beach strip are now submersible to enjoy the crystal clear waters and colorful reef.
Submarine Lounges
Submarine Lounges

While the Atlantis-themed resort-hotel within walking distance is permanently anchored to the bottom of Inisfree's largest body of water, these few water-centric attractions are instead fashioned more like mobile hangouts; namely, somewhere between a yacht and a luxury submarine.  Once all guests of every scheduled party is aboard, the hatches are sealed and the whole place (cafe, bar, and lounge) descends to a depth of between 30 and 40 feet (the maximum depth of this body of water), at which point guests can see just how perfectly clear all Inisfreean waters really are -and Inisfree's answer to the Great Barrier Reef of the Outlands, which the Inisfreean people succeeded in perfectly mimicking with their own barrier reef just beyond the underwater windows and walls of their nearby Atlantis hotel.

Dimensions & Layouts:
These floating and submersible lounges and wet-bars range in size from that of a small corporate jet... to a nuclear submarine.  Their layouts range just as much; each one is as unique and cleverly furnished as a custom house or apartment would be.

Special Features:
Like so many other facilities across Inisfree, these submarine lounges have canopy beds and padded demonstration pedestals instead of waiting chairs, and their bar-stools and drink hoses are all designed to give the maximum pleasure to females; each bar-stool is a double-penetration Sybian, and each drink hose (the kind bartenders use to add water or soda to glasses) is a biomechanical tentacle hose tipped with a liquid-releasing dildo.


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