Nano-bot Recycling News:  Recycling is now routine on the nanometric and subatomic scales.
Nanoscopic Robot Recycling
The Recycling Plant

The Science:
"Reduce, reuse, recycle," is a well-known phrase now, and it has evolved into a refined science allowing just about anything to be broken down to its basic elements and then re-made into new, cleaner, often much stronger and far more environmentally friendly products.  The Inisfreeans have taken this Outlander science from its level of molecular rearrangement all the way down to the subatomic; while Outlanders can take used paper and make it into new paper, or used soda cans and make them into new metal items of the same elements, Inisfreeans can take anything at all, rearrange the ratios of electrons, protons, and neutrons in it, and turn it into anything else they want.

Recycling Anywhere:
Anywhere in Inisfree, the Inisfreean constructs can absorb just about anything and convert it on the subatomic level; universal recycling capabilities without need of transport or the technical separation of elements (such as cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, and rubber).  There is no risk of Inisfreeans or their vehicles and buildings being accidentally absorbed; that would be as physically impossible as a man eating his own head.  What this city feature is utilized for is ensuring that no accidental littering becomes an eyesore before being picked up.

The Main Facility:
The actual, dedicated facility for the Inisfreean level of recycling technology is located between the Grocery Store and the Laser-tag Arena, a few dozen feet away from the outer perimeter moat of Sotu, and right on the edge of the treeline with the greenbelt surrounding the Kathedrom.

It is here in the heart of this facility that a controlled black-hole is kept available for use as a mass recycling dump capable of taking any amount of materials (of any mixture) and rapidly, easily ripping them apart on the subatomic level until their most basic of components are all being raced into the 'slush-matter' storage tanks deep beneath the surface of the city.  

​​Naturally, there are hundreds of safety measures kept in place and constantly monitored to ensure that no guests fall into this recycling black-hole, to include invisible nets and filters which do not allow such creatures to get anywhere near its event-horizon.​​

* Inisfreeans, however, are immune to such environments and effects, and can leap down into this black-hole just for fun, experiencing nothing they do not wish to, and telekinetically willing themselves to fly right back up and out as easily as if they were just breathing.​​

Building on the concept of 'the black Sun', this recycling plant not only makes use of nano-bots to recycle on the molecular and atomic levels, but also black-hole technology to recycle on the subatomic level when needed.

納米級 機器人 回收