Underway Xenomorph Hives News:  These attractions are now among the largest sex dungeons.
Underway Xenomorph Hives
Underway Xenomorph Hives

Dimensions & Layout:
Most of the Xenomorph Hives in Inisfree occupy one of the city's ellipsoid annexes attached to the Underway; that linear cave tunnel based highway that extends from the deepest part of the Uber Geode... all the way to opposite side of Inisfree where the largest A.I.O.W. connects it to the Desert Ruins. In the ellipsoid annexes of this vast caves network, these Xenomorph Hives extend all the way out to the curving slopes rising up to form the womb-like chamber's walls and stretched dome ceiling. This gives the hive in each a mid-level floor-space of ~2,736,955.52 square-feet (a 1/2-mile long-axis and a 1/4-mile short-axis), and these hives are all warrens; densely populated and labyrinthine districts of buildings. Each hive has a Xenomorph Queen pyramid at its center (just imagine the Great Pyramid at Giza made out of a dark, translucent, gray-green-black resin, with passageways that look like intestines with sphincters and the inside view of a ribcage), and many hundreds of Xenomorph Drones tending to the hive's maintenance (such as secreting more hardening resin as patches and expansions), while hundreds more, Xenomorph Warriors, patrol both the interior and perimeter of the hive. This is the standard for most Outlands Xenomorph hives; from several to a few hundred members, with the exception of rarities such as the one hive found which covered half a continent. The difference with this Inisfreean version of Xenomorphs and their structures is that in Inisfree, these hives are entirely underground, the top half is open-air, and though some guests are 'captured' (for kidnap, bondage, and rape fantasies and fetishes), no bodies are damaged by Chestbursters (Chestbursters here are actually more like autonomous sex toys that squirm around for maximum pleasure stimulation of erogenous zones, such as the Gräfenberg-spot) or converted into hive construction materials. You can think of these hives as a dark, gothic, haunted house, adult version of Discovery Zone (the indoor playground made out of colored tubes, slides, and related accessories).

Each hive has one Xenomorph Queen, ~300 Xenomorph Drones, and ~200 Xenomorph Warriors. Thus, on the widest level (with the most floor-space), there is usually nearly 5,500 square-feet per Xenomorph; ~74'x74'. Adding in the hundreds of other levels ranging in size from the same as the main, middle level's dimensions... to roughly one tenth its dimensions, and there is plenty of room for all the Xenomorph Eggs, Facehuggers, Chestbursters, and other subsets of this species. At maximum capacity, any one of these Inisfreean Xenomorph Hives can comfortably hold as many as 10 million; 10,000,000 human-sized natives and/or guests. Thus, it is possible, even when many thousands of guests of Inisfree are using the same Inisfreean Xenomorph Hive, that they will never see another human or humanoid the entire time; just a few dozen other Inisfreean Xenomorphs.

Overall Function:
Everything in Inisfree is designed to be luxurious, comfortable, beautiful, and sexually arousing. These hives are no exception. Think of each of these Inisfreean Xenomorph Hives as one big, complex, many-headed Sybian machine; a mechanical dildo device designed to enhance pleasure through rhythm, vibration, and reliability. Like some of the plant-life on the surface of Inisfree many stories above the caves these hives are housed in, vines are more like tentacles with dildo ends/tips/heads pumping out synthetic cum. For girls who are curious about, or in love with, the idea of beastiality, rough sex, bondage, sensory deprivation, deep-throating, face-fucking, 'creampies', swapping, degradation, sex dungeons, being kidnapped, and/or being raped, these hives are among the most exciting and satisfying sex dungeons in the entire epic-sex-based city that is Inisfree. The sex here is literally otherworldly, and many men even enjoy watching their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and kajirae being tossed around, cocooned, and fucked by these specially modified Xenomorphs built for the same reason the Inisfreean girls were; for the best sex imaginable. So 'come' on down... and enjoy.

For girls who wish to enjoy these attractions, clean up by dipping into the nearby cave pools and rinsing or showering in their waterfalls. This will remove any lubricants or other adherents secreted by these Xenomorphs.