Dragons Paddock News:  This great field is now home to the dragon-children of Daenerys Targaryen.
Zoo - the Dragons Paddock
The Dragons Paddock

Inisfree's zoo is home to a rich host of the animals once thought to be mythological by the foolhardy Outlanders, and now this host includes the mighty flying serpents of magic and olde; dragons.  More specifically, all of the dragons in Inisfree are the children of Daenerys Targaryen, while other dragons, on occasion, visit this special city as distinguished guests (most of them speaking fluent English and other languages, such as the Elven dialects).

Dimensions & Layout:
The largest paddock in Inisfree's zoo is where these dragons rest and play. You will often find Daenerys here spending quality time with them. Their paddock measures 1,914'x2,442'; 4,673,988 sqft.; 107.3 acres, and is surrounded on three of its four sides by foot-hill sized mountain ridges forming a 'C' perimeter with right-angle corners around most of it. At its two back corners are several dragon-sized grottoes and shallow caves for when they want a cozy out-of-sight place and some personal space. Above, they have the open Inisfreean airspace and Antarctic sky; no aviary cage-ceiling conditions of These wonderful creatures.

Special Features:
Dragons love gold, so their version of playground wood-chips, or a colored plastic balls jump pit (such as those of McPlayplaces), are the several dragon-sized nesting pads (think: helicopter landing pads, next-gen') filled with gold nuggets --which feel as good and smooth to them as fine, wet sand on a beach does to humans and Inisfreeans.

All things in Inisfree are fire-proof, not just flame-retardant, so even when Daenerys is having her dragons practice aiming their dragonfire, you won't find any scorched, charred, smoking, blackened grass or exposed topsoil.

*As of the Spring of 2180, these dragons no longer fly over to the Rape Fields to torch and eat the Outlander girls being punished there; all their feeding is done outside of Inisfree, typically along Cape Horn (the tail of South America), the Cape of Good Hope (the bottom of South Africa), Rakiura (the southernmost and largest island of New Zealand), and all the islands below these three landforms which are teaming with simple animal life (such as swarms of penguins and seals), though dragons are capable of circumnavigating the globe (most birds migrate for hundreds to thousands of miles, and dragons are much stronger), and these dragons sometimes enjoy patrolling the whole of the Earth for Outlander humans in violating of Inisfreean Law.

Reference Excerpt:
(from Inisfree's Constitution)
​Amendment the thirty-seventh... Dragon Feeding Policy

Ratified by Inisfree's Global Congress on 5 Februus 2180.
The dragons residing in Inisfree's zoo may no longer consume Outlanders in the Inisfreean realm; they must fly out through Grid Mind-authorized portals to hostile Outlands realms where ugly Outlanders (such as humans) are over-populating, consuming them for the same reason that pests, rodents, and invasive plants, such as weeds, are surgically reduced in the interests of stable ecosystems.
The Dragons Paddock

All of the dragons housed in this paddock of Inisfree are the children of Daenerys Targaryen and Inisfree's Governor, Lord Auzdein von Himmler.  Daenerys was abusively judged and foolishly misunderstood by typical, petty Outlanders, and so she was welcomed to Inisfree where her natural, fiery personality and natural form of reproduction were uplifted and loved.

Upon first meeting Auzdein, the nature of his visit, as well as their ensuring relationship, had to be kept completely secret.  Now, having been finally freed of the monstrous ways of the Outlands diametrically opposed to her kind, she is free to live and love as her true, inner self, and has enjoyed such an elevation in her quality of life that her traumatic childhood and adolescence are now, relatively speaking, no longer burdens.​​

​​Each time she feels ready and desirous of another child, she and the Governor mate, and he wills his seed to be compatible with her, allowing her to conceive.  Her children, which are always dragons, are allowed to grow up strong within the incredible protections of the realm of Inisfree, being fed as many Outlander humans as they care to consume.