CP DS LZ News:  The dance club in this area is now restricted; for active-duty Inisfreean military personnel only.
Colony Pod and Dropship Landing Zone

This zone is a narrow stretch of the Caribbean Lake's beach, and is reserved solely for the eternal planet-fall training of F.O.B. 1's military forces.  It is here that they train for all Dropship and Colony Pod related operations.  Every Inisfreean must be fluent in living aboard and deploying from these types of KoHoE vessels, as they are the chosen transports and base-growers used for almost all major Outland military campaigns.

Used once every week, this section of the beach that is the perimeter of the F.O.B.'s main lake, is one of several landing, take-off, staging, deployment, mustering, and rallying areas for the Inisfreean military forces.  So, although the egg-formed Dropships and the frisbee-formed Colony Pods will only practice their landings once each week (taking off just in time for the next group to land in their places), ground-force units will almost always be found camping, training, and conducting troop-movement exercises from here.

This area is strictly off-limits even to other Inisfreeans.  Only those Inisfreean citizens on active-duty (in the city's constant job-rotation schedule) in the city's military and stationed aboard the specific Dropships and Colony Pods remaining landed / grounded in this zone, are those allowed to be within its 3-dimensional boundary.  Once their assigned vessel takes off and leaves, they are required to be with it.
'Green' Ships

Like all things Inisfreean, these ships leave no pollution whatsoever, so their beach landing area, however frequently used, remains as clean as the rest of the Beach Strip.