Partners Platforms News:  These platforms are now open for Inisfree's guests.
Partners Platforms
Partners Platforms

After (tantric) partners yoga is mastered in Inisfree's high school and Tantric Academy, Inisfreean citizens may demonstrate their prowess in this exercise style and art form on the flat-topped, spire-shaped, obelisk-like platforms arranged in a pentacle formation on this shore of Inisfree's longest beach.

Upon climbing these narrow, tall, railing-less platforms, couples will showcase their talents of cooperative balancing while assuming dozens of different poses which require both of them to counterbalance their partner's weight and momentum.  The result is a truly stunning display of pairs of flawlessly sculpted, beautiful people leaning out many feet over the edges of these almost needle-like platforms, stretching out their various limbs while holding hands or wrists with their partners, sometimes standing on the muscles just over their knees, other times doing handstands on the up-reached hands of the one below them, and so on and so forth.  Acrobats and gymnasts have their jaws dropping when they see what Inisfreean can do here.  This is one place famous across all of Inisfree for graceful exercises of joining and sharing consciousness.

The Sexy and the Sexual:
These displays of physical and teammate feats, being performed by Inisfreeans, always eventually lead into deeply arousing lovemaking sessions which require the same focus, attention to detail, and cooperative balancing -even during simultaneous, multiple, and full-bodied (energy) orgasms.  It is on these platforms that Inisfreeans demonstrate all of these masteries at the same time, and from which many of their instinctive techniques for skillful, safe, wild and fun lovemaking in the zero-gravity environments of Spaceships arise.

Each platform is just wide enough for two pairs of feet, or the majority of one Inisfreean belly or back.