Slanted Doughnut Buildings News:  All of these buildings now have office space and apartments, as well as penthouses.
Slanted Doughnut Buildings
Slanted Doughnut Buildings

These buildings are shaped like what their name implies; doughnuts; tori.  They are arranged in a row spanning one section of the Glowing Art Highway (G.A.H.), just outside Sotu's perimeter wall, and this section of the G.A.H. (all 16 lanes) passes straight through them; via the holes in their centers.  They are all slanted a bit, too, as if each of them is slightly leaning, and all of them leaning the exact same amount (though the floors within them are level with the ground).

Dimensions & Layout:
The hole through each of these buildings is about 465 feet in diameter.  From their inside to outside curves, each of these buildings is nearly 200 feet across.  Measuring from any of their polar-opposite, outer curve points, each of these buildings is 858 feet wide.  Their floors are parallel with the Inisfreean ground, and each of these buildings has 86 of those floors.  Parking garages are on the floors at the same height as the G.A.H. lanes and their ramps, with offices and apartments both above and below those floors.  The top floor of each of these buildings is a single penthouse the size of a mansion.  All offices and apartments have portions of these buildings' outside wall, giving all of them windows with great views.

Special Features:
Exit ramps from the G.A.H. section which passes through this complex of tori-shaped buildings all feed into their luxurious internal parking garages, and the on-ramps for this G.A.H. section all come back out of those parking garages.  It is also possible to drive one's personal vehicle(s) into the service elevators that are part of every AIOW in these buildings; you can drive right up and into your apartment or office, parking you vehicle at your couch side or desk (with no combustion engines or exhaust fumes, there's no potential for asphyxiation or other inhalation related issues). And since all of these AIOWs run up through the middles of these buildings, they don't obstruct the fields of view of anyone on any floor.