Stadium Seat Buildings News:  Now perched atop giant robotic-arm rotators, these constructs reposition the entire parking lot for easier viewing of the races.
Stadium Seat Buildings
Stadium-seat Buildings for Automobiles

Inisfreean construction materials are bar-none the best across Creation, and those that comprise these mobile parking lots are no exception; their strength and durability allow them to lift up entire parking lots and maneuver them as easily as a person controls his or her own arm.  Called 'Stadium-seat Buildings' (due to the fact that they are basically just buildings built to support stadium-style seating for the viewing of passing traffic and other major events), these parking-lot-like platforms automatically rise up on the giant robotic arms that support them, rotating slowly and steadily around whenever a 'pack' of approaching race-cars nears the overpass these Stadium-seat Buildings are perched atop.  Settling back down after this 180° rotation (which gives the borders and edges of these platforms clearance to spin without obstruction), the robotic arms become once again tucked back away; hidden under these platforms until the detected approach of another group of racers triggers them to rotate in the best direction for further viewing.  This means that they face the direction of the oncoming race-cars, then rotate 180° to face the departing tail-ends of those race-cars until they are out of sight, then rotate back (again, 180°) to be ready to see those same race-cars coming back into view (after they lap the city, Inisfree).

Repulsines and Clamps:
While vehicles are parked atop these mobile platforms, two forms of technology keep them firmly secured and anchored down upon the non-skid surface of their parking spaces.  The first are their repulsines; electromagnetic engines inside gyroscopes, working with an magnetosphere to hover, fly, and otherwise maneuver or hold themselves precisely in place.  The second are the automated hubcap clamps which biomechanically form, rising up from the sides of each parking space to align perfectly with the hubcaps of the vehicle occupying each space, getting a firm grip of them by their lug-nuts (or other, equally useful 'nodes'), and functioning similarly to how tire-clamps used by Outlander police do.  When a 180° rotation is imminent, both of these securing technologies are activated, and people on this mobile platform are given ample warning to prepare their stances and other things for the rise, spin, and lowering.  When the race is over and no more rotations of these platforms will occur, the clamps disengage and 'ooze' (un-form) back down into the parking space surfaces from which they came.  Meanwhile, each vehicles repulsines remain on, but no longer to keep the vehicle from moving off of its parking space; the repulsines are now used to propel it, friction-free, over the platform's surface -as well as the rest of the GAH.

Manual Control:
When accompanied by the Governor of this city, one may enjoy the thrills of being in their own vehicle -acting as a roller-coaster car- while riding on one of these Stadium-seats Building.  The 'by-mind' interface that the Governor enjoys with every construct in the entire Inisfreean realm allows him to take control of these things and maneuver or otherwise adjust them at will.  Also, instead of being buckled into one's own vehicle during leisurely use of this mobile-platform attraction, one may also buckle in to any of its park-style benches or individual seats (cushioned recliners with multiple massage options) for an open-air, vehicle-free experience of the same impressive parking-lot motions.


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