C-5 Aerospaceport Ramp News:  Many times larger than the original C-5 Galaxy by Lockheed, this scaled-up model serves as the airport's automobile gate.
C-5 Aerospaceport Ramp
The C-5 Ramp

The C-5 "Galaxy" cargo plane has a cargo space inside it which is 17.2' wide. The scaled-up version of this aircraft serving as the all-lanes on-ramp up to the Civilian Aerospaceport's pick-up and drop-off area is large enough that the entire width of the GAH passes up into its 'mouth' and straight through it from nose to tail, giving its internal-space width a span of 462'; that's nearly 27 times larger than its inspiration.

The cockpit of this titanic airship (though it is anchored to the ground of Inisfree and will never fly),
is more than 50 stories above ground level, and serves as the land-traffic control tower, capable of shutting down and blocking off the entire GAH section leading up into -much in the same ways that GAH sections within Sotu can be blocked off and re-routed. This capability is utilized whenever no air-traffic (now called aerospace-traffic or air-and-Space-traffic) is scheduled for long periods of time; if there are no airships (now called aerospaceships, aerospacecrafts, or repulsines) taking off or landing at this aerospaceport, then there is no reason to have its GAH section open for use. Thusly, even this civilian aerospaceport of Inisfree can be sealed off like a fortress.

Flow of Traffic:
Though half of the GAH section (8 lanes) going up into this larger variant of the C-5 is, technically, for outbound traffic going the opposite direction, this almost never needs happen, for 1) most traffic is largely automated, pausing only to drop off passengers at the check-in walkways just outside the terminals, and 2) whatever traffic still needs to be parked in this aerospaceport's parking garage almost always (upon being retrieved) exits via the official off-ramp of this aerospaceport; the traditional U.F.O.-shaped (or 'flying saucer' shaped) airship which the 16-lane GAH passes into and then down and out of on the opposite side from the C-5. So unless someone takes manual control of their vehicle and just feels like going in the opposite direction (up and in via the UFO-ramp, and out and down via the C-5 ramp), all Inisfreean vehicles will navigate to this aerospaceport via the 8 lanes of the GAH going up and into it via the C-5 ramp.
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