Disneyworld Landscaping News:  The artistically arranged plants of Inisfree now include interactive 'smart'-flora.
Disneyworld Landscaping
Disneyworld Landscaping

Inisfree's Governor:  "I've been designing my city around nature, not nature around my city, for a number of decades now. That is to say that I don't add landscaping around homes and other buildings; I instead add buildings like cascading landscaping woven about existing, natural terrain and landmarks, resulting in a much better Feng Shui not just within individual rooms, but for the community and all architecture as a whole."

​​The most beautiful plant-life from around the world has been selected, researched to determine which species grow well together, and planted based on algorithms relayed through computers to the Inisfreean-born girls so that every single plant is placed in its healthiest and most aesthetically pleasing position possible. You will find tens of thousands of species of flowers, shrubs, trees, and more here, including bioluminescent ones which serve as the ambient lighting and soft, soothing street-light equivalents in places such as Sotu. There are also natural umbrellas which bloom up, rather than down, forming sun-shades or rain-covers for anyone approaching the elven or boulder-based benches. And all of these beautiful plants are potted on Terra Preta soil spread out masterfully over reinforced mounds of earth and bedrock shaped and fertilized precisely to the ideal dimensions and conditions of each plant above. Nearly every building and attraction in Inisfree has landscaping arranged this well and boasting these features. Every planned addition to the city will have it, too, thus making competing and dying plants, as well as landslides, sinkholes, flooding, and desertification unheard of within city limits.

Landscaped areas range in size from man-portable troughs mounted over balcony railings for personal apartments and suites... to fields a mile or more wide, such as that of the Flower Towers. Between the two sides of each G.A.H. section, medians a dozen feet wide or wider are practically overflowing with tastefully arranged and spaced shrubs, bushes, and Cypress trees, among other things. Counting all the areas where the pre-existing landforms were modified by earth-moving and other techniques, all of Inisfree from the surface down a few miles is landscaped --and extensively.

Some of the plants in Inisfree, such as the vines and cat-tails, are what are classified as interactive 'smart'-flora, designed to respond to passersby in appealing ways. Using pheromone and general olfactory detection and analysis nodes, they use scent to determine what nearby citizens and guests desire from them, then move themselves accordingly. And since Inisfree, as you know, is a very sexually open and progressive community, some of these plants end in dildo-shaped tips, and can loop around and position the limbs of girls who have bondage, rape, beastiality, or related fetishes. Essentially, this means that all across Inisfree, there are the plant versions of Sybian machines with A.I. platforms; what the Ents would be if they were sexy and compatible with humans and humanoids. Want to try them out? All a girl needs do is stand within reach of one and imagine what she wishes it to do to her --or her nearby girlfriends!
Some of the Rare Flowers:
  • Black Dragon Rose
  • Bluebells
  • Cochliasanthus caracalla
  • Curcuma Gingerstar Red Torch Thai Tulip
  • Dahlia
  • Echeveria Bloom
  • Flying Duck Orchid
  • Golden Shrimp Plant
  • Hyacinth
  • Iris
  • Lotus
  • Lupin
  • Puya berteroniana
  • Saffron