The "Persephone" update:  Currently operating from The New Horizon spacecraft carrier.
The "Persephone" Firefly
Himmler's Persephone

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"Firefly Class Transport"  Model:  03-K64

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The Clandestine Skunkworks Firefly

This Firefly has been custom outfitted for covert and clandestine operations; the majority of its weapon-, shielding-, communication-, and sensor-arrays being concealed internally within light-weight, non-conductive modules.
An Oddity of a Combination

The Firefly appears to be a mix of the Chinook helicopter, the Osprey mixed-wing transport aircraft, and the DPV of the SpecWar community.  Himmler's Firefly also throws the KC-130 Specter gunship into this mix.

Restricted Rooms

As on just about any vessel, the Firefly "Persephone" is not without its off-limits areas.  The cockpit, engine room, medical module, as well as the personal quarters assigned to each crew member, are all restricted.

Crew members may allow others into their quarters, the ship's mechanic may allow others into the engine room, its doctor; into the medical module, and its pilot or captain (one and the same, in this ship's case) may allow others into the cockpit.  Himmler's crew-mates are far from being novices, and will always check for clearance and escort parameters in person.

Nyria's Shuttle

Nyria Serra, being a young lady of grace and stature as a Registered Companion, was granted one of Persephone's two short-range shuttles as her personal quarters.  As with Inara's shuttle from Firefly and Serenity, Nyria's shuttle-craft  affords her the freedom to venture out from Persephone during their time planet-side, to explore, sight-see, and contract with Companion friendly members of the local population.

Ever the avid enthusiast for and connoisseur of all things grandiose and lavish, Himmler has helped her amass an eclectic, exotic, awe-inspiring  myriad of the finest crafts, gadgets, and furnishings credits (and crime) can buy.  Due to this nature of her shuttle's decor, Himmler keeps a close eye on the interior and immediate vicinity of his ship, employs loyal mercenaries, maintains a rotating and overlapping guard watch, and keeps both Persephone and her two shuttles outfitted with the latest in compatible detection, analysis, countermeasure, defensive, and offensive technologies.

Nyria enjoys drinking semen, so she keeps the fridge in her room (shuttle) here stocked full of vials and ​​used condoms full of it from countless men.
The Fast and the Furious

Having put millions of credits "under the hood" of his Firefly, Himmler has increased nearly all of its aspects, making it the only civilian, antiquated, transport spaceship capable of matching the maneuverability of a fighter-jet, the low profile of a drone (UAV), and the range of a spacecraft carrier.

Although a fly-by-mind interface is incorporated into the design upgrade, manual controls in steam-punk fashion are kept for the vibe they contribute to the rest of the ship.   

Himmler has joked that with Persephone, he can out-gun a squadron, and with his crew, he can outsmart far greater a force.  This is, however, probably true in most cases.

Don't let appearances fool you.  Though it looks like a run-down (interstellar) taxi, Persephone packs a vicious punch.

Silent Running

Himmler's Firefly is capable of appearing to any sensor platform as a normal Firefly, or masking its own shield and wake so as to leave not even an atmospheric contrail, E-M disturbance, or temporal distortion.  Additional, classified aspects of Persephone allow it to bend light, sound, and smell back around itself, as easily as a rubber band is bent, and effectively become not only invisible, but intangible; phase-shifting similarly to Repulsine-crafts.

When making use of its Repulsine-based modules, Persephone's maneuverability skyrockets with no effect on its passengers or contents, and allows it to pass through most solids and energy fields without effect.  It has its limitations, though; mostly being based on the number of passengers and their health.  Left on its own, the ship would eventually slip into indefinite hibernation.

Nicknames for Persephone have included "M-W-H"; Mobile Whore House (a play on MWR:  Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) due to Nyria's profession and Himmler's religious cultural law, "Triceratopsadactyl" for the form and antennas of its head in conjunction with its ability to fly, "Fat-ass" for its bulbous metasoma, and "Boner" for the form of its neck and head extending at an upward angle from its sack-like base and aft.

When Himmler is aboard, the crew often jest "And at long last, the Walking Boner and the Flying Boner have been reunited in not-so-holy matrimony."
Himmler's Crew

Brahan Fionn Odhar
 - Combatant