Underground Theater News:  This theater now hosts the rock band Violent Rebirth as they go on tour across the Inisfreean realm.
Underground Theater
Underground Theater

This old-fashioned theater is built beneath an intentionally misleading surface building designed to look like an abandoned, condemned, brick-and-mortar factory with blacked-out windows and skylights.  Upon closer inspection, one can find a hidden stairwell or two leading down into the much larger subterranean section of this construct, whose routes eventually fan out, expanding into a cross between a speak-easy and a grand performance hall complete with royal curtains, draperies, and private seating booths.

Regular Shows:
Smaller stage-plays (too small for the Performing Arts Center) and short films (movies too short or low in budget for the Dropship (UD-4L shaped) Theater (for movies) are put on here for audiences usually no greater than 100 people.

Special Shows:
Though extremely rare, given Inisfree's overall nature as Heaven-on-Earth and the most peaceful and loving of all the realms in the Universe, every once in a great while there are snuff films shown to interested parties here; always only the terminations of the most offensive of captives, of course, but still warranting the high amount of discretion Inisfreeans and the viewers of these films maintain as strictly as the vampires' Masquerade.
Upcoming Shows