Water Sub-surface Attractions News:  Once limited to just a SCUBA training facility, Inisfree now has submarines and underwater temples.
Water Sub-surface Attractions
Water Sub-surface Attractions

Inisfree is home to a host of underwater attractions. Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, mini-sub-ing, underwater racing, and even submarine lounges are all now available to all our guests.  You can find the majority of these activities hosted at SCUBA City and our city's main lake.

Dimensions & Layout:
Inisfree's underwater attractions are predominantly located adjacent the outside of our downtown area and throughout our main lake.  The first construct is the world's largest SCUBA and dive training facility, while the latter is a lake spanning one by three miles.  You will find individuals in SCUBA gear at the first, and mid-sized submarines in the second.

Special Features:
Like the bottoms (floors) of many of our city's swimming pools, the floors of these underwater attraction facilities also mimics the softly, subtle twinkling star-light via embedded, water-proof fiber optics and LEDs.
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