Distribution Port News:  Distribution to the Outlands has been approved for 2116 through the humans' Earth emigration until 2315.
Distribution Port
MKM's Distribution 'Semi' Truck Port

Originally just a handful of comic strip sketches done in a bombed-out military base in the heart of Iraq, that first work has grown into a magazine of more than 90 issues, each with several different comic strips by just as many artists, as well as thought-provoking articles, short stories, advertisements, advertisement parodies, original artwork, and more.  In its conception, this magazine (called MKM) was intended for a target audience of active-duty military personnel with both combatant specialties and merrily dark senses of humor.  Now, however, MKM appeals to more than a billion people from numerous worlds across the Verse, so instead of having one staff member send out a few dozen bulk e-mails of digital copies of the scanned pages from each issue, an entire factory in Inisfree is reserved exclusively for MKM's mass-production and mass-distribution; this Distribution Port.  For those who prefer the old-fashioned 'hard copy'; the magazines printed on 'funnybook' paper sheets and collated, Inisfree's own fleet of commercial cargo trucks (all made at the Automated Government Vehicles Plant on the other side of the city, and all fitted standard with Repulsines, of course) makes regular deliveries from this facility to a great many major cities on garden worlds much like Earth.  For those who prefer digital copies, they can download a copy of any MKM issue directly to their iScrolls or other devices.

This facility measures 990'x990' across its base, giving it just over 980,000 square feet of floor-space per story.  With its hangar-sized rooms, the building is 100' tall, but because it is almost entirely underground and half covered in a turf roof, it appears to be only one story tall; about ten feet peeking up above the ground and its surrounding parking spaces.

The underground portion of this building (which is 9/10 of the total structure) houses the world's largest laser printer; a printing press as big as a commercial passenger jet, along with all of the robotic-arm assembly lines and other machinery that help turn blank magazine paper on spools the size of hay bales... into the 8.5"x11", fully illustrated pages that end up identically and perfectly dried in every single issue's copy of this now literally universal sensation in written and drawn satire.  The topside (above ground level) portion of this building is a standard-sized (10' tall) story where the palettes of finished products (dried, cooled, stacked, aligned, and shrink-wrapped magazines) are lined up and staged in waiting to be loaded onto Inisfree's fleet of commercial cargo trucks.  Raw materials are subatomically sung into existence from slush matter in the 3D-printing vats on the bottom factory floor, the spools of paper are made from this, as are the ink cartridges and the inks which fill them, and then they are robotically transported up into warehouse-style shelves and cages on the next floor up.  Once a truck shows up and brings its tail end to one of the loading docks on the top floor (just about ground level), Inisfreeans open the corresponding garage-style roll-up door, walk the scheduled palettes (over the rollers built into the floor) into the truck's freight compartment, close and lock the truck's Own roll-up door, and carry on with their other tasking as workers in this Distribution Port.  The truckers, all Inisfreeans, drive the magazine shipments out through a commercial-sized highway-traffic portal accessible only inside the Highway Pyramid deep in the heavily protected Inisfreean Military Region of the city, and return from their Outland drop-off destinations through this same portal.
Magazine Debut Up and Coming:

The issues of MKM will be available via a link here in the future.  Stay tuned.

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