FOB-Book News:  FOB-Book is now Inisfree's equivalent of a phone-book, address-book, and Facebook.

The Inisfreean equivalent of Facebook and Fuckbook, this social networking client is standard, free, and automatically used for and by all Inisfreean citizens, and is exclusively reserved for them.  It is closed-circuit within the walls of Inisfree, so in order to access it, you must be alongside a willing Inisfreean.  Being of a fused consciousness with their city and all the data in it, if any part of that system is pressured, coerced, or lied to, or if anyone is trying to illegally copy or escape with its data (even if only via memory), the data will be inaccessible as it is automatically prevented from being misused by them. Think of it this way: it is not just the system which is self-aware, self-healing, and self-protecting, but the data IN that system, too.

Dimensions & Layout:
FOB-Book (colloquially called Fuckbook, though there are Outlander versions of such a service also going by the same name) gives each person in the Inisfreean realm a webpage divided into sections and subpages as follow:
  • rotating 3D photo-quality image of their nude body (not just a profile picture)
  • menu bar with tabs to navigate to your 'About', 'Fuck Buddies', 'Photos', 'Videos', 'Notes' (blog), and 'Places' (hangout spots in the Inisfreean realm) subpages
  • column for custom-tailored news feed
  • column for comments and threads (where casual sex requests and orgy invitations are posted, helping to raise awareness for this healthy, normal lifestyle, reassuring viewers that it is safe and routine to chat about and plan these events in the open/public in our realm)
  • column of suggested fuck-buddies based on Pandora-based algorithms ever building upon your 'likes'
  • column of suggested events in Inisfree based on Pandora-based algorithms ever building upon your 'likes'
  • About page (where your sex preferences are listed, highly organized; into columns for 'favorites; positions, techniques, outfits, events', 'will do', 'will try', 'unsure about; soft limits', 'won't do, but have tried', and 'won't try; hard limits')
  • fuck-buddies directory (who you are friends with online)
  • photo albums directory (only photos which include nude selfies, such as for 'sexting', and nude beautiful friends may be uploaded, as photographing just the Inisfreean realm is generally forbidden in order to prevent Outlanders from seeing it before they earn the right to visit and take its official tour for the first time)
  • videos album (only videos which include sex acts between beautiful people may be uploaded)
  • Notes page (your weblog/blog; where you post short articles, such as to open threads for 
  • Places page (where you have enjoyed going in Inisfree beyond/after the official tour)
Special Features:
Inisfreeans are a sexually open, playful, engaging, flirty, curious people who enjoy sexual games and experimentation.  In the Outlands, people often have their online profile accounts suspended, or are banned from such communities, for soliciting sex or posting revealing photos.  In the Inisfreean realm, the reverse is the case; people who do not do those things are regarded as being incompatible with the Inisfreean way of life, and so are asked if they truly want to continue visiting... or if they feel they ought best to be in alternative/other places.  You will almost always see requests on the FOB-Book profile pages for fuckbuddies to post what they would do to one's wife or girlfriend (or wives or girlfriends, which is more often the case in this polyamorous realm) while the person watches; encouraging cuckolding, swinging (wife swapping), threesomes, orgies, and voyeurism to help raise the healthy and healing sexual energies the Outlands almost never experience or understand.  Even the Governor, ruler of the entire Inisfreean realm, himself, has an open thread on his FOB-Book page asking anyone interested to post what they would love to do to his top wife, Ambi, while he watches, and she, Ambi, has on her FOB-Book page an equally open thread asking people what they would love to do to her while her husband, the Governor of Inisfree, is away on business.  Whenever they get comments that really turn them on, they meet those people and set it all into sexy motion, often resulting in Ambi sexting highlights of the events to her husband until he can rejoin the thrilling fun.  This deepens their love, lust, and passion for each other, strengthening their bodies and relationship(s), and you will find it works wonders for you, too.
[Inisfreean Personnel] Directory

(all clone names - ea links to her IC pg)

Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Adriana Lima
Aishwarya Rai
Alecia Silverstone
​A.J. Cook​
Alexis Capri​
Ali Landry​
Alizee Jacotey
Alyssa Hollands
Amber E.​
Amy Lee
Amy Weber​​
Angelina Jolie
Angie Everhart​
Anna Beatriz Barros
Arly Jover​
Ashley Judd
Asia Argento​
Audrey Arroyo "Bitoni"​
Avy Lee Roth

​Barbara Nedeljakova
Barbora Kodetova​​​​​​
Britney Amber
Britney Jean Spears
Brittney Skye
Cameron Cain​​
Carmen Cocks
Carre Otis
Cassidey Rae / Paizley Adams​​​
Charlize Theron​
Chasey Lain
Christina Milian
Courtney Day​​

Daenerys Targaryen
​​Denise Richards
Dina Meyer
"Dream" Kelly
Ellen C.​
Elisha Cuthbert
Eva Green
Eva Mendes
​Frankie Rayder

​Gianna Distenca
Gina Ryder

Haifa Wehbe (redubbed Nyria Serra)
​​​Hilary Erhard Duff
"Horny" Kate

Jamie Lee Presley
Jenaveve Jolie​​​​​
Jenna "James​on" Marie Massoli
​​Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jenny Hendrix
Jessica Marie Alba
Jessica Burciaga
Jezebelle Bond
Jill Kelly
Joanna Pacula
Josie Selhorst Maran
Karen McDougal​
​Kari Samantha Wuhrer​​​
Katherine K.
Kathleen D.​​
Kendra Wilkinson
Kim Smith
Kristanna Loken​​
​Kristin Cavallari

​Lauren Conrad
Laetitia Casta​
Liesel "Matthews" Anne Pritzker
​​​Linda Holm

Mandy Moore​
​Megan Denise Fox
Melissa Doll
Melissa Milano
Micah May​​​
Milena "Mila" Markovna Kunis
Monica Bellucci​
Morena Baccarin (as "Inara Serra")
Nadia Styles​
​Nathalie Kelley
Nicole Kidman
​Nicole Graves
Noelani Chase
Olga Kurylenko
Paulina James​
Penélope Cruz Sánchez
Pósán Nikolett "Niki Belucci"​​

​Rachael Taylor
Rachel Sarah Bilson
Raven Riley​
Salma Hayek​ Jiménez
​Samaire Armstrong
Sasha Blond​
Severina Vuckovic​
Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll​
Sharon Stone
Shazia Sahari​
​Shilpa Shetty
Stacey Briana Bernstein "Raylene"​
Stacy Ann Ferguson
Stephany Campodonico "Jewel De'Nyle"​
Susan Ward

Tara Leigh Patrick "Carmen Electra"​
Tara Reid
Taylor Bow
Terri Summers​
​Tiffani Amber Theissen​
Tiffany Limos​
​​Tiffany Rayne
​Tori Black
Tyra Banx
​Ursula Mayes

​Valerie Anne Poxleitner
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Joy Minnillo
Xenia Seeberg​​​​​​​​​​​​