Shires News:  Originally a clone of the Shire called Hobbiton, built in New Zealand for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, this one has now expanded.

'Shire' is a term in Inisfree which may also mean 'village' or 'small town'.  Originally, there was only one Shire in Inisfree, and it was designed to closely resemble the town of the same name from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.  Today, there are many Shire-like neighborhoods (often called 'hoods') in Inisfree, from the larger and more fortified Kathedrom, to the more widely dispersed and individually hidden tree-house-mansions of the Cabins 'Hood.

Dimensions & Layout:
The original Shire of Inisfree is 1,518 feet in diameter; just over a quarter of a mile.  Its residences are in the style of 'Hobbit holes', neatly tucked away into the rolling foot-hills where Inisfree's central mountain base finishes flattening out toward the steep walls of its dense urban area, Sotu. Long lodges, a farmer's market, and other festivities gathering areas complement this quaint and storied village, and some of its 'Hobbit holes' include basement levels reaching down into the Inisfreean earth more than a few stories.

Special Features:
This is, perhaps, the only place in all of Inisfree where everything is built to fit humanoid beings not quite so tall as humans.  Like the homes and other makings of Hobbits, everything here is closer to the size one would find in the children's section of any store, or in a Toys "R" Us.

[Shires] Directory

These villages in Inisfree are build to be identical to their descriptions from the storied books:
  • ​Shire 1: Westfarthing (includes White Downs, Little Delving village, Waymoot, Tuckborough, Bywater village, Rushock Bog, Hobbiton, and Bag End tunnel)
  • Shire 2:  Eastfarthing (includes Frogmorton town, Whitfurrows town, the Marish (marshy farmland) and its town; Stock, Woody End, and The Yale )
  • Shire 3:  Southfarthing (includes Green Hill Country, Longbottom (meaning "long valley"), Overbourne Marshes, and Sarn Ford)
  • Shire 4:  Northfarthing​​​​ (least populous shire, near the Snowdunes)
  • Shire 5​:  Buckland (includes its main town; Bucklebury, Buckleberry Ferry, Haysend village, and Crickhollow hamlet)
  • Shire 6:  Westmarch (including Undertowers)
  • Shire 7: Tookland
  • ​​Shire 8: Gamwich​