Desert Region News:  New attractions in this region include the volcano's waterfall, its oasis, the ruins mirage, Meeris, and the rainbow dunes.
Inisfree's Desert Region
Inisfree's Desert Region

The lowest of Inisfree's three deserts, this is also the one best known for its sands and dunes, as opposed to the sandy crags and impact craters of the other two (the hard, desert plateaus on the opposite side of the Inisfreean property; the two deserts reserved for Inisfree's military).  It is in this desert that dune-buggy events and raves modeled similarly to the legendary Burning Man festival are held.

Dimensions & Layout:
This region of the city measures 2 miles by 1.25 miles, giving it an area of 69,696,000 square feet; 1,600 acres.  Its dune-filled middle is its largest portion, and these dunes gradually slope up into the foot-hills of the mountain ridges that give three of its sides their geographical borders. One neighborhood is in its corner, and has a shallow, Caribbean-colored moat around it, while another neighborhood, and the much larger of the two, is near this region's opposite corner. Along the bottom two fifths of this region is a well-ordered sequence of rectangular areas of sands of every color, and along half of the opposite side of this region are buildings connected like a chain-link atop that side's mountain ridge.  Also on that side, pouring down from near the middle of the top of this mountain range, is a waterfall flowing from the facing side of Inisfree's largest volcano.  This waterfall becomes this desert's oasis.  Hidden about a quarter of a mile away from the moated neighborhood, there are also ruins which are partially sand dune covered.  The two vehicular traffic access points to this whole desert are along the G.A.H. that runs near the inside face of the adjacent Perimeter Wall section; the G.A.H. passes through the Mountain Tunnel Pass on one side, and under the Mountain on Corinthians on the other.

Special Features:
Dune buggies, such as D.P.V.s (Desert Patrol Vehicles), and the pink-painted S.A.S. jeeps, are often checked out from the two neighborhoods of this region and driven around over the sand dunes.  At night, the oasis pond (waterfall basin) subtly sparkles like starlight, while the row of rectangular areas of different colored sands subtly glow the colors of their sands, but from deep within; translucent dunes with a glow-in-the-dark aspect.  When viewed from a distance, such as from atop any of the mountain ranges bordering this region, the effect is quite magical.
Civilian Desert Attractions:

  • Rainbow Sand Dunes
  • Meeris (Bedouin-themed tent town)
  • Ruins (part Greco-Roman, part Egyptian, and concealing one of the only AIOWs leading down to the Underway)
  • Oases (one against the bordering mountain ridge's foot-hills, and several more atop the Floating Oases Cylinders)
  • Ridge-line Buildings Chain
  • White Conex Hood​​​​

沙漠 地區